Why do new windows often appear at the bottom of the screen

Maybe someone can explain this to me:
Often, especially when there are already some windows open, new windows (both of the same application and a newly launched app) do not appear in the center of my screen, but at the very bottom. You just can see the upper edge, and they are easy to overlook at times.
Is there any special reason for that behaviour? I know I can change it by checking 'Remember changes', Size, Position in the window settings, but it is annoying to have to do this all the time. Is there a global setting I missed?
Thank you for any suggestions

Hmm, I've never had this problem.

Are you on the Beta version (3.8.x) or the Stable version (3.0.x)?

Also, what's your screen size?

I am in 3.8.27 Beta - the latest beta version which has been published recently.
My screen size is 1920 x 1200. If you 'tell' the windows to remember changes of size and position, they 'obey' to the instructions, at least for the rest of the session.

I often have this issue after using a second screen with a higher resolution than the standard screen and then going back to that original screen.
If an app is set to 'remember' it's position it will do so on the configuration on which it was last closed i.e below or next to the current screen....sometimes I can't even find them again.

This is definitely an E16 thingy and frankly I haven't been able to remedy it other than copying a backup ~/.e16 directory aterwards. :frowning_face:

There is a trick on e16 to see exactly what windows are opened (even if you can't see them) by using:
'eesh window_list' command. That way you can check if a window isn't hiding from view somewhere.

Use 'eesh help' to see what other options you've got on offer there ...... it's quite a treasure trove. :madness:

Thank you! Maybe the problem will disappear one day, when E16 will be abandoned in favour of another desktop, who knows. I can live with it, and it is not the end of the world, just a minor annoyance, and I was curious to learn if anybody knew how to fix it.