Why don't you make Elive out of Ubuntu LTS using the Enlightenment?

Ubuntu LTS version is stable enough to support users who stick only to stable version. I am coming from Lubuntu and they had a quite lightweight distro that used lxde desktop, but now this environment is no longer supported in further releases.
It is only a suggestion! I think that your last "stable" versions that was based on debian wheezy(7) is too old, debian is now 10! I know you stick to the idea of supporting older computers, but the concept of old computer is changed now, even the cheapest and simplest laptop has minimum 2GB of RAM and at least more than 1GHz processor!
Ubuntu LTS + Enlightenment would be very fast, low cost and stable Linux distro!


Well, if you want that you write, it's, if I'm not wrong, as simpler as starting from Lubuntu, install Enlightenment, erase lxde...
But Elive is very optimized in many ways and can be much efficient than ?ubuntu...
BTW, actual ß version of Elive is 64bits, with the last Debian, and "quite usable as a a stable", with e16 for working before E2x but really nice at the point to probably let a e16 one as "snapshot release"...


Thank you @Franc

This is due to the fact that development took so long (8 years from 2.0 to 3.0), not because we're debian-based.

Also, like @Franc said, Debian byself (can be) more efficient that ubuntu...and that's what we're aiming for.

anyway, glad your question was answered :slight_smile:

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This post caught my attention, I'd love to see an Ubuntu based version too. However, they are clearly more comfortable keeping it Debian based, and I'm cool with that. I'm still trying to get my mitts on an x64 Beta, but, the past versions I've come across run pretty sweet, especially on older hardware.
It's kinda like telling Enzo Ferrari to put an automatic transmission, power-top, and a bench seat in his 1972 365 GTB; besides being an insult to all of his forthcoming work, it would question his style which in my mind is far worse for an artist of that stature.
Just my 2 cents.

To install Enlightenment on Ubuntu ..... just do so using "apt-get install enlightenment" and afterwards (logging in) see for yourself why this is so.

No, it's more like telling Enzo to slap a Ferrari logo on a Fiat and paint it Red.

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I like your tongue-in-cheek, not many people would pick up on your comment. For the lay people, Fiat already owns Ferrari(by buyout), therefore Enzo was already slighted having to fight with executives within Fiat, in the end, he had input on the race team and SOME design cues within the brand, at least the prancing horse got to live on in different times.
Sorry to be off topic, but, I really loved your comment. :slightly_smiling_face:
But, back to Elive, like Ferrari in the beginning, their team is small but a force to be reckoned with.