Wifi connection Error: Connection activation failed: (7) Secrets were required, but not provided."

"Error: No network with SSID ' my wifi network ' found."
Thou only once it said (but cannot replicate again)
"Error: Connection activation failed: (7) Secrets were required, but not provided."

I get the above error on trying to connect to my wifi network , this happened after my Elive crashed for the umpteenth time. This time however the machine struggles to even find the link whereas other gadgets see it and connect to it promptly.

when i connect using terminal :
$ nmcli dev wifi connect " my wifi network " password "my local password" I get the above error
after the computor asks for my password several times even though i have supplied the correct password that is working on other devices

Interestingly the commputor can connect to other wifi hotspots like the one setup with my phone

Is this your own wifi network or someone elses?
In the latter case you might be blocked by the provider.

It is an institutional network and no at least the administrator assures me they have not blocked any accounts access. I still can access the network with other devices as well though.

I have been reading something related to the fact that the router can dynamically assign channels to diffirent accounts on the fly. possibilty that its broadcasting on a channel my laptop is not listening to?

In general, people tend to think that problems exist on their side of the process but let me assure you it's usually the other way round. OTH you have had issues with a physically broken wifi-card before.

First and foremost .... what does "inxi -N" say?

Here's some tests to see what is really going on (if you use a VPN: turn it off):

  1. Try using a USB wifi device and see if that has the same issues.

  2. Run a live version of 3.6.14 to see if the issue is there too.
    if not:

  3. Try disabling "connman" and enable "network-manger" and test.

  4. Spoof your mac-address to check if the router is indeed blocking you (or not) --- it can only do so using the mac_address.

In all cases open a terminal window (or 2) and keep an eye on what's happening when you try to connect.

  • In one terminal have "tail -f /var/log/syslog" running and in the other check out "dmesg" frequently for other related messages and have "tail -f /var/log/kern.log" running too.

Sorry guys, Found the problem!
The internal wifi card heats up insanely
Another hardware failure. I guess that's about expected for 10 year old equipment in addition to the possibility of strain put on it due to no longer developed partially completed reverse engineered commercial driver software.
Going to need to invest in a new computor soon. :neutral_face:

Maybe a pinebook would be something for you too ... albeit we'll have to wait for a real Elive to put on it until @Thanatermesis gets his when he's back in Europe.

In the meantime, Manjaro (with KDE) isn't at all bad and Debian with E24 runs on it too ... only $199 + import taxes. :magick:

Or else simply score a USB wifi card ... they're fairly cheap nowadays and most are well supported. Actually, I have the impression USB gets more love than PCI ones when it comes to kernel drivers.

If yo want to, I could send you one ... I've got a few unused ones (ahem, USB wifi cards :smiley_cat: ) lying around.
Give me a PM if you want me to ... they're small enough to put in an envelope.

Make sure it's tight in it's socket ..... after a while a bad connection tends to heat up.

Sure sure , thats extremely kind of you, :excited: :cheerleader: . Only if its not too much trouble. Would be a nice keepsake from the one of Top Elive Guru himself! Who wouldnt jump at that. 10 years from now when Elive is mainstream I will be showing it off.

Almost broke my PC doing a pirouette ,a :happybounce: and a hooray , before i read here :laughing:

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