Wifi still not optimal on 3.8.14 x64 beta E24

Wifi experience on beta Elive 3.8.14 x64 still not optimum, un predictable . The card connects well in the backend, but the front end issues still persist. For example moving the computor between wifi points result in loss of connection with the userinterface, econman. Now if you move to a spot with multiple wifi hotspots , The Econman does not update and show these new wifi nodes even when you disabble and renable it.

The computor however automatically logs onto the one with the strongest signal in the background and you cant see this happening in the foreground. Most times this wifi hotspot has no internet , but will not switch to the lower signal wifi hotspot with internet
The second option shown below can change the hotspot to your satisfaction.

However it gives you one chance startup, so if you fail to connect to the correct wifi, you have to reboot again. You cannot restart application " Internet" twice
Why is it so hard to implement better wifi dynamics surely this simple but crucial limitation will drive away newbies from elive.

Actually it's not an Elive issue in the sense that you're running E24 and "connman" as opposed to the default E16 and "network-manager".

I agree though and see the same issues you describe so clearly there.
Solution: Install "connman-gtk" and run that.

The "internet" application you show there is the frontend of "network-manager" and running that in concurrence with "connman" will give issues.

So chose for either one (E24 - connman centric) and disable the other:
"sudo systemctl disable --now network-manager.service" or with "connman.service"

We've actually been through this before: :smile_cat:

Sorry about that ; Now i am able to walk my way around configuration of wifi thanks to your wise counsel then . I am only concerned that for a newbie there are too many hurdles and recovering from a small network link mishap can be frustrating.

The last time we went through that my whole configuration got so messed up I had to connect using nm-ncurses commandline or something like that. Then the problem was lack of connectivity. To day the backend connectivity appears to be functional even automatically. Its the frustration of frontend gui that is going to let us down. Internet connectivity is so vital that it should just work out of the box with minimal geek credential requirement, no new dependency or network connector. Why not just include what works out of the box as default in the Elive repo?

Well both are there in the Buster repos, each one with it's pros and cons. The only trouble is that they don't co-exist nicely if both are activated.

Strictly speaking, E16 = Elive currently.
The E24 we install and use is the vanilla E24 as offered by it's devs, not specifically made for Elive.
Both work well and are a choice.... i.e either in E16 or E24 the GUI front-end on the iBar/Cairo-dock or in the Systray will be disabled when choosing.

I suppose that once E24 is going to be configured for a future Elive (and E16 optionally available on the same install) the Elive choice will be made that works for both DEs.

Currently, running E24 is a personal choice and formally not even (officially) supported for Elive.
E24 is even more "testing" than than Elive-beta so actually not noobs yet.
We'll just have to help each other out there with solutions, advise and bug hunting.

In the mean time, I've submitted the issue a while ago:

Great work! I sometimes forget that E24 and Elive are separate entities with separate development backgrounds/teams and progress along independent pathways and paradigms. Thanks any how for the tireless guidance

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They wont be for long.
Once Retro is out, we should be able to concentrate on a DE built on the latest Enlightenment ....... I certainly hope.
We, as E24 adopters are literally scouting out new territory there. :madness:

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