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This thread is to debate changes and improvements required on the Wikipedia page of Elive

The mention of the Retrowave release is a bit uncomplete and its marked that requires a citation, I would suggest to mention that offers the 32 and 64 bit too, maybe with direct downloads, also a clarification of the version number which only means its progress level, about the text I suggest something like this:

Special Retrowave version released Stable on 3.8.34 offering direct downloads for both 32 and 64 bit

Since my english is not the best, maybe @triantares or @TheTechRobo wants to change that?

Means it requires a (preferably renowned) publication that mentions Retrowave. Alas there have been none of any significance yet.
We'll just have to wait that one out.

What you mean? :thinking: there was this news in the website: Elive 'Retrowave' Special version is released! - Elive Linux

That's self-published and (because it's an official blogpost) potentially biased.

WP prefers big/respectable news sources (and I don't blame them - who cares what Joe on Wordpress free hosting thinks?)

That is better than the official "trustable" news announcing it? :thinking:, well, anyways, these can be used then I assume:

Yes because again, you are the maker so you would be biased. And it's fair. Otherwise you could say literal lies about it and WP would be forced to treat ti as a trusted citation.

Considering there is a lack of publications regarding Retrowave, I suppose a link to the announcement could suffice. :thinking:
It's not a quotation or a scientific reference just a means of showing that the mentioned occasion really happened.
I stumbled across this post a while back and was reminded over our (not as bad) shenanigans.

All things considered, if the WP trolls are out to get you; Nothing will be good enough. :face_with_head_bandage:

Mmmh, yes I understand the bias point but I mean, that's the official news, nothing can be more trustable than an official news from the original project :rofl2:

yeah exactly that's my point

Yes but this doesn't quite convince me, there should be some hierarchy or similar in wikipedia with different roles / privileges, otherwise any troll can be the wikipedia master and delete the entire database, doesn't makes sense... I motivate all to write whatever we want and need to include in the wikipedia (unless it is not a correct thing, a biased stuff, etc), the original article looked much better in terms of describing the project so I think we should start slowly to re-insert these things and eventually move the bad things into a single "critics" section to be better organized and looking

That troll doesn't exist anymore and if there's a new one I will take a different strategy, I'm not going to waste more time with stupid people

There are many trolls, especially on WP. Just recently there was a thread on about trolling editors and how toxic the WP environment, actually is. I was surprised at how many had had similar experiences as we had.
So stomping out one troll does not mean much and there will certainly be others ...... in effect we have created an enemy there who, as reprisal will try to hurt Elive wherever possible.

  • Tread wary and do not think the war was won with a single battle.

On top it was specifically "Libreleah" who did the real strategizing and fighting there, mainly because there was common ground i.e mutual benefits ...... don't expect that help every time.

Exactly so im not going to allow more shit from stinky trolls to happen again :slight_smile:

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