Will ecomorph dissapear in the future if we upgrade Enlightenment?

Am I getting it right, if we upgrade to a more recent version of E, we’ll loose ecomorph along the way ?

I Just installed Elive on one of my laptop, so one screen only, and was able to activate ecomorph and it is so cool LOL


Really ecomorph is so cool. i never want to lose it on my desktop. Surely Thanatermesis will find out a way to keep it alive.:smile:


We can only use Ecomorph (compiz) in E17, if we upgrade to e18 or newer would be not possible, the reason is because in e17, the composite is an emodule, which can be loaded/unloaded, ecomorph is a composite system too, and only one composite can work at the same time. Since e18 the composite is integrated internally and no longer an emodule, so its not possible to unload it for load ecomorph


Then we may stick to e17 to keep the current features and develop it.:wink: Just like Moksha desktop on e17.

I just tool a look as some pictures and yes, Moksha looks cool

Moksha is, simply said, “e17 with a different name”, but technically speaking is a fork, with its own modifications (not sure how much of them and how much different it is than e17), the main idea was to split (and continue) the development of E17

Elive uses e17, but not the original one, its also a kind of fork with a lot of modifications and own features on it, but Elive have not changed the name to a different one, it should have been? maybe… with the same name, people may think that is the same e17 as the official one

Changing a name has some important impact, good and bad, probably it improves pretty much the publicity… I just didn’t had time to worry about this :slight_smile: