Will Elive 64 bits be a lot slower than Elive 32 bits?

No rush, we’ll wait for the 64 bits version of Elive to be there but do you expect Elive to be a lot slower, simply because it is 64 bits ?

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At least you’ll have the latest version of your favorite browser with 64-bit version of Elive :stuck_out_tongue:


LOL you are right


You will not see any speed difference (not good nor bad) by running in 64 bits :slight_smile:


but some memory intensive apps would get faster with 64 bit- no? I notice a big slowdown in video conversions (handbrake) because of what I expect are memory use limits?

yes, there’s memory limits but i dont think that you will reach them :slight_smile:

more exactly, you cannot allocate a (single) process to use more than 4GB, which is not going to happen easly, except for very specific cases like VirtualBox, where the process is a virtual machine and so you need to allocate memory for its RAM usage, in other words, your virtual machine wont have more than 4GB possible (for the non-64bit kernels), you can fix that in the actual elive by using a 64 bits kernel and booting from it

Abou the speed of some applications, using 64bits you can use some extra cpu flags and similar things, but the 99% dont use them, probably handbrake uses them, there’s very rare applications that are coded to be fast in 64bits (that 32 bits cannot do), but by other side it is of course 64 bit the new computer’s standard

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