Will Elive Beta 3.x have the 5.8 kernel?

Just wondering if Elive will have the 5.8 kernel one day?

I ask because it has been reported that some distros will upgrade to Linux kernel 5.8

According to this post:- Linux Kernel 5.8 is Here. This is What's New - debugpoint.com

There is already a article bench marking the kernel.


5.8.1 released

The developer version of linuxfromscratch.org has the 5.8.1 kernel for their operating system.

It depends if it's stable.

Seeing as most of the features/fixes in 5.8 are just flying over my head...I really shouldn't have any say in this.

here's another article, if you're interested


A lot of work done for AMD processors and Radeon.

Kernel 5.8.1 is stable and I will soon have a new computer that will benefit from it.

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5.8.2 fixes some minor errors or so.

5.9.11 has a lot of NVMe fixes

Eventually, Elive will run that kernel or even higher, just a matter of time.
For now being Buster based it depends on when the kernels get added to the repository.
As of today 5.7 is the highest version on offer. To have/use newer kernel versions faster one would have to acquire them from the Bullseye/Sid repos. Mixing repos from different releases is never a good idea so it would be better to just download the 2 packages you want.
You'll need the "linux-image" package as well as the corresponding "linux-headers" --- but I suggest you give this a try in a virtual machine first. :shocked:

kernel 5.8.12 apears to have networking fixes updates