Would like to fix the weather app in cairo dock; what app to edit .so files?

It always bothered me that the weather app only worked for me once. That happened the first time I ever installed Elive (3.8.32) and it stopped working when I attempted to input my location. Just wondering if anyone fixed it...

Also I would like to change the weather provider over to noaa at some point in the future (i.e. after I've looked over their API).

I've no idea what you mean by .so files but if at all "nano", or "scite" should be able to edit files in/for Cairo-dock.
Cairo-dock now goes by the name of "glx-dock/cairo-dock"
See here for more info:

and here for the code/API:

Happy hunting :wink:

You can read these files with tools included in the GNU binutils.

SO files are not meant to be opened. Also, in most cases, you should not move or rename an SO file, as programs require SO files to have specific names and reside in specific locations to call them.

Advanced Linux users can use the command nm -D path/to/filename.so.# to view a list of the functions an SO file contains.


Good .... you just solved that question. :wink:
Still not sure where to find them in relation to Cairo-dock (but obviously they should be some there)

Yeah, but trying to avoid compiling.