xChat vs HexChat


I was hanging out on the #debian irc Channel

when I said I was using xChat, someone said it was history that I should use HexChat

I installed it and open it, and remember the IRC channels was in ( suggested me to add #elive).

Is HexcHat the successor of xChat(included in Elive) ? better ? or different / question of taste


I don’t know, i didn’t find so many differences. Maybe there are more plugins available in hexchat?
I used to use hexchat back on my old computer because it had a good notifications system and worked greatly under windows xp too (or was it q4os themed as windows xp? THings get confused over time ahahah)


I have it noted in a task (between other trillions) to review for compare both and decide one for the future versions


From what I can recall, hexchat seemed like the logical successor to xchat as far as features go. The advantage of hexchat is it is still being actively maintained, or at least its list of changes appeared to be more recent. I think I looked at Debian as well, to see what they included in their out-of-the-box applications.

Personally I use text-based IRC e.g. weechat, irssi, etc.