"you tried to run this application" message is very unclear

I've been having an issue with thunar and was wondering if it was thunar or a configuration on my computer.

So I tried to run dolphin, as an alternative one.

[...] You tried to run the application dolphin, but we will instead use an alternative [...]

Running /usr/bin/dolphin, dolphin -f, dolphin --force do not work.

I later realized it may be that compat-notinstalled package so i installed the dolphin (thought it was already) and it worked, but this is NOT clear at all.

I agree, it's in typical @Thanatermesis wording though .... that usually makes me smile. :smiley14:

The message could be clearer, I agree.

Frankly I hadn't noticed so testing: "nautilus" and "dolphin" gives the same message (i.e neither manager is installed) only the machine where I did install "nautilus" .. it simply runs the FM.

On a side note:
My gripe with thunar is that it totally freezes with some removable media as well that the media disappears from the FM although it isn't unmounted.

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I have the former issue, and I've actually lost a LOT of time because of it. You try copying 44 gigs with 1MBps and having Thunar crash, and then trying again and having E16 crash. :ohmygod: (I think there's something wrong with the RAM in here. I should take the time to replace it. I do have two sticks.)

I don't think I've experienced the latter tho.

For copying large to very large files, I fall back on the venerable "mc" (aka midnight commander) and do it from a a virtual terminal (like TTY1 up to 6).... you know: Ctrl, Alt and F1 up to F6 combo and logging in. :smiley_cat:
So even if a GUI or the window manager crashes MC just keeps chugging on.
On top it uses up a lot less RAM than those GUI options, so less risk of freezing your machine. :applause:

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Thanks, I'l try it out. :boogie:

What are your thoughts on scp when you already know the file paths? It's geared for use over the Internet (normally ssh) but I've used it before for local files. It has a sort of progress indicator too.

Wget might work too, since you can recover from failed copies (with the -c option).

I must sound insane. :madness:

Well, mc has the nice thing that there's a ncurses widget that tells how the copying is going on top it has excellent ftp/scp functionality albeit creating a ssh connection to localhost is a bit daft. :nod:

There are quite a few ways to copy files in Linux .... but then you knew that. :smiley_cat:

  1. If you use "cp", at least use it with the -arv flags (all, recursive, verbose) but ..
  2. "tar" was made for copying files to other media (like magnetic tape) see:
    Copy files and directories recursively with tar
  3. there's "find" combined with "tar"if you want to copy explicit files like music (mp3) ...
  4. then there's "cpio"
  5. and last but not least 'cause it has resume capabilities "rsync" or "sync" ..... which also has a very low impact on your CPU ... definitely my favorite. :applause:
    rsync -avhW --no-compress --progress /src/ /dest/ is what you need.

In all cases I'd use it from "screen" as that will allow you to "detach", to go about other business and will simply keep running.
You can do this when logged in remotely over "ssh" too.