3.7.1 changes and expectations


This is a list of the already (and not yet) things ready for the next 3.7.1 build:

  • I have fixed & improved everything reported on 3.7.0 (except what was not a bug & similar)
    • which are too many things to list!
  • I was able to build a dev iso using a non-signed kernel to allow use a customized kernel with improved performance and including reiser4
    • using this kernel, it will never boot with secureboot (do we want to have Elive working with secureboot at the cost of not having a custom kernel? :thinking: )
  • many installer fixes and improvements (again, too big list to show all here)
  • Installer will accept then reiser4 for install
    • suggested to use only for tests at the moment (in other words: just no play with important data)
    • also: if we decide to use the signed kernel (for secureboot), reiser4 will stop to work, which means you cannot use that partition anymore on new builds
  • The LIVE boot will accept UEFI type of boot (no secure boot, just uefi boot), this allows to boot in bioses that has not set the legacy mode
  • kernel is also updated to newer version with fixes by upstream

Needs improvement:

  • UEFI Live boot menu with all the wanted options
  • Improved format options for reiser4
  • Installer should install using the UEFI structure by default
  • user-manager improvements
    • sudo configurator from user-manager

I will continue work on the missing things (I need time to finish them), while I continue reading / commenting on reports of the 3.7.0 version to see if there's missing things for 3.7.1 :slight_smile:

It is possible that the next build will be published for download to more people

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I like to live dangerously
Looking forward installing my Laptops and Desktop with it LOL
If you tell me I should be able to upgrade when new versions comes on..

Else I won't install it everywhere

Even if my Data is on the cloud ( Dropbox, GOogleDrive, Keybase.io free 250 gig hosting) I suppose that if reiser4 corrupt my local data ( in the case of keybase, the data is not local), the clould version will be too ?



sounds like fun :slight_smile: I will do a few tests in virtualmachines first to make sure -it- installs, but it should work!

That is a delicated thing... this -will- happen only until the elive versions will include reiser4, this means:

  • no way to do this if we make the elive versions work with secure boot (in such case we will need to sacrifice reiser4, and a few minor customizations in the kernel)
  • you can always access to a reiser4 partition (let's say "recovery", copy/backup data, etc..) until you have an iso with reiser4 included saved somewhere

Hum, that is not exactly like that, reiser4 uses checksums, this means that the files cannot be corrupted, they always needs to match their integrity, unless there's a bug in reiser4 or kernel crashes and you lost (lost, not corrupt) the data, etc... this should not happen btw

BY other side, I suggest you to NEVER do backups in a "just copy everything" way, this is dangerous, as you say, if you have a corrupted file, your backups will be corrupted. For that, what i suggest you is to use the (included in elive) unison tool, this tool is amazing and i cannot live without it, in short, it makes backups between disks / computers / remotes in a automated+interactive way, everytime you "sync" the data, it will show you the differences that you can merge, or decide "what is backuped to where" (this means, bidirectional). For example:

  • let's say you work on the same file in computer A and computer B, when you sync, you need to know that you are not losing the changes that you made in each respective version
  • you have control of what is copied where (and so, bidirectional sync, more than like a backup)
  • if a file is deleted on your local you will notice this before to remove it in the remote , and you can select to recover it on your local from your remote
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