3.7.11 alpha release

I'm trying to modprobe the intel_pstate driver. But the system can't find the kernel module. On my installed version after all the updates the pstate driver also was unavailable.

My bad pstate is build into the kernel and is not in userspace

I know it's not in user space.
Still i'd be interested to know why you think intel_pstate is not there ... where it apparently works when using "cpufrq-set". At least it does on my box running Elive though admittedly set to "performance" by default.

  • I saw in the daemon messages that it is loading correctly.
  • The only problem is that it always uses the performance governor, and in case of overheating nothing lowers the CPU frequency. Which i would expect something like thermald to do?

I see that ubuntu defaults to powersave, i think default buster does that also. Powersave defaults to the lowest frequency and scales up when needed. Somewhat like the ondemand governor.

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And in using "cpufreq-set" to change to powersave: That gets changed back to performance on a reboot....requires a kernel setting.

@Nick_te_Lindert all fixed & implemented! :slight_smile: :happy_dance:

How to enable powersaving on Elive (new cpu's):

apr --purge laptop-mode-tools
api laptop-mode-tools

Then, reboot the computer and check your cpu frequencies (for example in conky), unplug your AC cable, check them again

It is actually configured to (again, for new cpu's):

  • On AC: full power
  • On Battery: between 0 % and 40 % of cpu power

maybe 40% is too much? :thinking: on battery we really want to save the battery and these computers works already pretty good, comments welcome!

I will be happy to know these comparisons with elive :slight_smile: (with the powersavings working of course)

So, next version 3.7.13 will include a good powersaving working on new cpu's :applause: thanks @Nick_te_Lindert for the reports :slight_smile:

Means, you already lost 3.7.12 somehow on your way ??

no, it was already published but i didn't had time to announce it yet :slight_smile: , i will include the full changelog for the version 3.7.13 soon :smiley:

@Nick_te_Lindert about the wrong games entries (pcsx related issue deinstalling games) it is well fixed now, to have it run:


verify that e16 has been updated and reboot to have the new generated menus

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I noticed there's an ugly double in "audio" as well:
"volume control" and "pulse volume control" are the same.

thanks :slight_smile: fixed!

Could you point me to one of the 32bit downloads?

I've lost my downloads somewhere and I direly need to repair the Vbox machine I killed with "apug". :face_with_head_bandage:

32bit is here:


btw on the 64bit downloads there's also a 32bit download button too

suggestion: wait the uploaded version 3.7.13 with has multiple fixes ! :happy_dance:

Ayeee! I had to scroll down, :scream_cat:

The layout didn't actually invite me to do that ...... maybe something to keep an eye on.

Thanks anyway: :happy_dance:

@Rebel450 Im betatesting on your gifted hardware :slight_smile: , im curious about the strange vertical bars that appears on the screen, I think that I have see this in a screenshot in the forum some time ago, it was you or it was @maxinou maybe? :thinking: - Eeepc SeaShell

Trying to google for it doesn't seems to be very common, so I assume is not a driver issue but just a hardware glitch?

update: seems like to be a driver's issue because only appears when the graphical system is launched

I did some testing today with 3.7.13, the changes work fine. Only thing is that when connecting the charger turbobooster is activated so then it runs on 4600 MHZ. Most distro's let it run on 800 MHZ on battery and on charger, and then let de CPU scale up when necessary.

By default when AC is plugged, cpu is set to 100% (p_state cpu's configuration)

Is there any reason that it should not be this way? (maybe temperature?)

by other side if im not wrong, the configuration is set to be between 50% and 100% (at least in the recent settings), you can try the latest update, which, since the package version doesn't change you need to reinstall it manually:

apir laptop-mode-tools

I assume these new settings are the good ones now (auto brightness has been disabled too)

I think it is a fractal kept in the video memory from the former session.
On my HP Mini (similar model to @maxinou 's)
I can see during boot the last image from the last session for a very short moment, then it shows the vertical bars, then black screen, then it seems finally to refresh the video memory.
On the EeePC it happens with Debian driven OS,
with Ubuntu Xenial not.

For the pstate issue - it may be - that this effect is caused by a bios setting.
I had it on Aspire with i5;
I changed it ( if I remember right) from 'auto' to 'OS controlled' ...

yeah, i know what you mean, i know this "normal" issue in video cards :slight_smile: but i don't think it is the case, it looks like really related to a driver issue :thinking: , @maxinou ping? do you have those "magenta" colored vertical bars too?

I don't have a kernel 4.19 near to do a fast test of it (older alpha versions)

hum, let me check that...

nah, no settings related on bios, I will wait to know if maxinou has the issue too...

Sorry, there was a type error
I meant
pstate issue - not late....