3.7.13 alpha testing

Starting a 3.7.13 install on my (Vbox copy) Helix2 containg stable and 3.7.10 ..... 10am local time NL.
I opt to upgrade 3.7.10 where upon the installer simply disappears completely when I hit OK.

Waiting for it to finish, if at all. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:

I have vokoscreen running to record the session.

After 30-40 minutes I rebooted and 3.7.10 wasn't touched ...... so nothing happened at all. :thinking:


Running the installer from the USB.img upgrades just fine on the same laptop that vbox is on.
Will now try with the .iso written to USB flashdrive.

Updating as I go

The Hybrid.iso also installs fine on bare metal so it must be a Vbox issue. :thinking:

I download 3.7.13 32bits to a USB to test, but impossible,,
when run, it do not pass from the Boot menu,
I push the option (I have test all options)
Menu dissapear and in a while returns with the same Boot menu.
Do not continue to start.

Did you check if the download is not corrupted?
Run a md5sum to check or try a fresh download.

I do not found the download page, it do not exist :pensive:

Do a checksum first.
In the directory where you downloaded it:
md5sum elive_3.7.13_alpha_hybrid_i386.iso

If it is in Downloads, simply:
md5sum ~/Downloads/elive_3.7.13_alpha_hybrid_i386.iso

Which should result in:

It might save the effort of downloading again.

it is different

So it's broke or a bad download.
The 32bit download is on the same page as the 64 bit .... you will have to scroll down to see it. :wink:


use "wget -c URL" to continue a broken download (aparently it stopped)

sometimes the mirrors reboot or similar, making the downloads to be broken :confused: :confused: :confused:

@triantares do you mean there's a bug in the installer making unable to upgrade previous elive's ?

Only on my Virtualbox ..... on bare metal everything works fine.
Weird though ... as nothing happens.

it is reproducible?

It happened on 2 subsequent tries. I had vokoscreen running so I can show that but there's actually nothing to see. :rofl:
I doubt the installer sent a log to you ...... it conked out before doing anything.

Doing 32 bit on the same virtualbox does work fine, though. :thinking:


You may have probably a debug log file writed in your /tmp dir :thinking: (first check this one)

or you can try to run it with debugging lines from a terminal like:

sudo su
export EL_DEBUG=3

so it should tell you where it stopped and/or why

Just testing it now in a vbox here... no bug :thinking:

or you can also run from normal user (no root) "eliveinstaller-wrapper", which will include the auto update of the installer (the other command not), but it wont show you some logs

If I run that I get the infamous "the nstaller is already running ... " popup.
And then on closig the popup:
trapped signal: '69' from 'exit installer' in lines '8339 2491 1'


So basically this happens if you still have a lockfile living (which can happen in a wrong exit of the installer), but the most important question is: did you booted (rebooted) the computer before to run the installer? :thinking:

Yes, but as I stated it was a VirtualBox install.
There could be issues with saved states or whatever.

The first and last (3rd) install all break..... independent whether it's an upgrade or a new install choice.
For me it's not a big thing (I'll just create another Vbox instance) but might be an issue for the installer in certain circumstances. Except I don't know what's happening.

thats not important, 95% of my tests are on vboxes and I play a lot with snapshots too :thinking: , it should work perfectly (and verified here)

thats why im asking, if the vbox has "booted" on live, you should -not- have

mmh, it sounds me familiar to a strange issue i seen years ago, try to switch to one single cpu instead :thinking: , use KVM in the virtualization settings too

Like I said, I'm not really interested in a succeeded install but more in what is causing this. :thinking:
So if this is usable let's keep using this (as a first I'll make a 1:1 copy with clonezilla) and find out what's going on.

Brother DCP-1510 scanner (printer) not seen.

Despite using:
export EL_DEBUG=3
and then:
No scanner is recognized, only the printer. :cry:

Syslog tells me this:

localhost udev-configure-printer: Queue ipp://localhost/printers/DCP-1510-series has matching device URI Oct 7 12:38:54 localhost mtp-probe: checking bus 2, device 20: "/sys/devices/pci0000:00/0000:00:14.0/usb2/2-2" Oct 7 12:38:54 localhost mtp-probe: bus: 2, device: 20 was not an MTP device

yeah me too of course

basically this message appears when exists this file:

ls /tmp/.*eliveinstaller.lock

which is created when the installer is run, and deleted when it finishes

I cannot reproduce it here :thinking:

about the scanner, I see the issue, try to "apug" and run again the tool, should be fixed now

Yep, fixed.
The scanner is recognized. :+1:

Shouldn't tmp/ content be erased on a reboot?