3.7.3 betatesting experiences

is @Thanatermesis online yet?

It's been a while and no hear from him on the ELive forum

Does he need a new computer or laptop? Any vacation time due in?

A matter of priorities.

Just to busy looking up suspend, synaptics, libinput, d-bus, etc ..... to really care. :slightly_smiling_face:
e16 or whatever desktop is next phase, the system and installer has to be stable first.
To remove conky I either have to edit some files somewhere in .e16 or run the configurator again, where the latter will kill all my personal settings. :omgomgomg:

I think conkey is ran from one of the startup jobs. It just might have to be unselected. I've seen these selected for startup on other Debian distros and I just removed or unselected it. It is default selected on MX-18 Linux distro by default. I unselected it from the startup config.

I love it.... so if wat the exact same thing , is there some you too on the web / something not in elive ?

what it your country / 3D thing?

Amazin Desktop

If you -right click- on the dock, in the menu go to "cairo", "configure", then in the widget go to the -tab- " themes".
Choose or play with the themes. Then back to configuration where under appearance you can play with the look.

Cairo is really extremely configurable. :applause:

On a side note: My laptop awakes fine after 9 hours of suspend/sleep in the current configuration.

As for window themes, there are quite a few to be had on the web but most are very dated.
I'm using the "aqua" theme here and on some other machines the "spitfire" theme, where both are acceptable but frankly not good enought. Especially the -left click- menu I find horrific, the menu that opens through the dock (gnome) has a much nicer. look and feel.
If we want to keep using e16 as the base Desktop we'll have to come up with some of our own.

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He gets a big data problem with a BTRFS crash; Wrote about it yesterday here: https://forum.elivelinux.org/t/how-to-recover-from-a-btrfs-crash-failure/1206...
So it's surely not "vacation time", but more "cold sweat moratorium"!!!
Wishing him good retake & back to Zen with e.g. reiser4!



Anobody found a way to -lock screen- on 3.7.3 and e16
Ctrl+L doesn't work neither does the dock entry. :disbelief:

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Cairo does this job, too.
(and also all the other missing things like loudness, brightness, battery monitor, ect...)

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I will wait for 3.7.4 to " upgrade " my system

of install cairo manually that never installed when I clean installed 3.7.3

Yes Cairo, solve different problems ( good calendar/time icon, sound/brightness display, and as for locking the system, cool I will take a look at that on my 2 laptops.

On my laptops it doesn't.
I suspect cairo uses org.gnome.desktop hooks which aren't all available yet.
I can make CTRL+L key combo useable, I think. Was just wondering if others were using something I hadn't found yet.

Thanks! I did not see that. Thats explains it. Sorry to hear that one. I know what it is to lose computer data. I have plenty of backups now so that never happens to me ever again.

Look here pls:

Nope, doesn' t work for me, not even after installing both plugins ...... can you 100% confirm it actually works for you in 3.7.3 e16?
i.e try it now.

Hereby I do actually confirm as per your request in full, Sir.

By the way:
Firefox Quantum (latest Release) is working on 373_a.
It's flashing fast, btw ! :nod:

You have to use Synaptik to get All Things needed.

Yeah, but on 3.7.3 it came along with the installer, so I didn't install it myself..... I'm testing so I do not want to deviate too much from the original.

If this were the finished product I'd certainly jump through some hoops to configure it all 100% my way.
So either I come up with an applicable soution to the alpha (like the "onboard" setting for lightdm) or I leave it and wait for the next release.

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Can you give met the output of "apt-cache showpkg cairo-dock" ?

exactly the same thing for me... Usually I don't care much reinstalling and reinstalling and reinstalling but now I tired LOL My 3 systems are stable with 3.7.3 and i will wait for 3.7.4 and will try to not mess up my system

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Yes, Sire - of course: