3.8.19 betatesting

The version 3.8.19 includes many fixes and small improvements, but especially:

  • fonts are automatically sized for any kind of screens correctly, not looking too big or small
  • persitence many fixes

feedbacks welcome!

mentions: @Rebel450 @triantares @TheTechRobo @yoda @martinwprior


I test on 32 bit,
Begins rigth first time and ask for a password,
I create persistence,
I shutdown computer,
I poweron computer with persistence,
When ask for password show me:

I retest with "Y" and do not progress with pasword.
.................. shutdown.
I Power On with Elive Stable and go with Thunar to the encrypted in usb.
I test to mount the unit and after put password show me::

I do not know how to continue....... Help. :confusing:

Hm...if youve already tried rewriting it, check the md5:
How to verify the MD5 of your downloaded ISOs

I dont suggest md5 anymore but Im too lazy to say otherwise
so just use that tutorial :wink:

If its correct then @Thanatermesis maybe forgot to turn off
encryption with his tests?

Yas, I check the md5,,,it is ok

Stable is very old and definitely wont have the right LUKS version.
So actually that message is exactly right. :nod:

Will try on a large display, in a VM, will get back to you :wink:

Oops, misread the issue. :nod:

I tried the new installer ( didn't installed Elive for a long time LOL)
Everything went smoothly, I see that you modernized the options ( zoom, etc).

The display is perfect ( fonts size etc).

Good job @Thanatermesis


On my X1 Thinkpad with 2560x1440 display res, they look a tad too large but maybe I'm too used to the small fonts I had. :thinking:
At least the menus were readable and usable with touch but still felt like I downsized to 1024x960.

After setting persistence and on 2nd boot the font sizes are back to the small size I'm used to on my installed version ....... something I also noticed when installing on an older x260 (with a much lower res) so I think there is still a lot of work needed, on the fonts there.

All in all no certainty dynamic fonts are going to look good in all situations after a while i.e not sure even, if this is progress or decline. :eyepopping:

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