Ancient applications from old Elive versions with E16

First versions of Elive included some applications for E16 desktop that are not available anymore, just because they don't build anymore on newer EFL (enlightenment foundation libraries)

Like the elicit application, but we revived it :slight_smile:

there was different applications like an email gadget on the desktop, engage for e16 (yes, not a module for e17 but an application alone like cairo-dock for e16 or any WM) - mention @triantares, elapse, entrance, elpanel...

they can be easily tried on the old versions of elive (torrent available)

the question is, is anybody interested on reviving them? (making them compile back, so it can be used again in desktops like e16 which could be good as extra gadgets)

a few screenshots (not all) found in misc places:

(yes this is engage in e16)

more engage


this is evidence lol , a futuristic file-manager in the times where transparencies didn't even exist

more evidence

more evidence, and elpanel minimzed


a working demo concept for a phone interface


email gadget boxes


a different theme for elicit


a very simple time displayer (and nothing more) for the desktop lol


audio player for xmms2 , this one was amazing..



and entrance, of course

mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo @Rebel450 @yoda @she.dyed






Ah yes, I remember running that on my first P1 Thinkpad. I was astounded.
If we can get some of that beauty back, that would be very good.

But .....

This will take a long time/effort and I think it;s more important to focus on releasing this baby.

It might actually be an idea to propose some of these extras inside the new E16-2020.1 (and in the mags if they want to) as a questionaire i.e ask people if they want a newer version of them inside E16-2020.1 and with enough reaction: Work will be started on the outcome. :idea: :coding:

  • Another good reason for release.....and contrary to my initial sentiment: If we do that than it should definitely be called Retro. :mwahaha:

It makes sense to try and entice old users back in and activate new ones.

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I was more like thinking in a parallel work :slight_smile: any volonteer with C knowledges ? (basically the thing is to update the old EFL api code to the new one, but it should be not much of it in fact, maybe 20 lines as average)

In any case, there's a few apps (some of them not worth), for entrance itself is very easy, because we have a new port of entrance, we just need to have it perfectly stable and we can port back the themes :slight_smile:

Engage can be an alternative to the dock, but not cairo-dock (this one is more featured for sure) but as an alternative to plank and other simple ones

Elpanel... can be ported back easily

the emails gadget is a beautiful gadget in any case

Started learning it but too complex for my tiny little brain

This might be worth a serious discussion on what merits cairo-dock is actually justified above any other panel.
The sole big difference I see is that it has an app launcher ...... but that's a two sided sword IMO.

I somehow get the feeling it'll be a tad more than that ...... otherwise you would've done that already. :runaway:
IIRC I did try (re)compiling "engage" a while back but ran into so many (especially compiler) errors that I just pushed it away as a bad dream.
I think I even asked you if you still had scripts for that lying around.

  • It's easier to change existing docks/panels.

But let's just save that for a later day and first offer the options/query to those who use Elive-E16-Snapshot-2020.6 and wait for the input to see if it's worth the bother.

It's a fine strategy offering a free product with optional free enhancements if only they're asked for.... and I'm not being sarcastic there. This could totally work.

This will raise the strategic question:
Do we offer this to all magazines or only a select few?

This is a nice place to get a feel:

all of them detailed on that post:

i have trillions of tasks :slight_smile: and as you said before, there's other priorities more important, thats the main reason

yeah its not easy, it can be a simple function in C changed to another or a big write and adaptation to new compiling things and stuff like that...

all = more promotion of elive

Yes, but they will need incentive to offer the software to they're readers and hopefully write a review.
A poll/discussion on added features might be in their interest too but ...... they may not want to, if all the other magazines are writing about it too.

hum... :thinking: what about making something like "elive offers a special build once per month for a selected magazine, each month, a magazine will have a special version of elive with their selection of packages on it" :thinking:

Once a month is a lot of work i.e would take up almost all the time.
I doubt if it's worth it.

If we go with a sort of "Snapshot" idea .... I wouldn't do more than twice a year, max....otherwise we could just rename the Beta to Snapshot.
I say stick to that max so as to make a snapshot something to look forward to.

well, i dont think the "snapshot / beta / release" is too much releavant here, the idea is to make a special version for them to publish, so the version doesn't matter much imho

It does IMO, We will not only be offering to the magazine editors but to their readers as well (that's what I understood) and should naturally be available on the site too.

The goal is to make Elive better known to a larger public, so it makes sense to give it a name that reflects the moment in development. When doing so, at least do it in a way that doesn't block future similar releases.

what i meant is that we can provide any version in any moment (yes, include the number, version, name, etc...)

unless we are in a very alpha / early stage of course, but talking about "builds and releases", every new release is very good and just more improved than the previous one :slight_smile:

I know and there is of course no sense in offering worse new releases than before but I'm taking into account 2 other things:

  1. We need a flashy name (and reason) to offer this image at this moment as it's a deviation on how Elive is generally offered.
  2. Eliminate fears (by newcomers) that Beta is not stable or good enough to use as a daily desktop.

Considering point 2. I know you will say that that is all very well explained on the website .... but it never will be enough.

  • People scan past text, jump to conclusions and either turn away or download Stable 3.0.6.

possible reasons:

  • customized for them (selection of packages, wallpaper of the magazine, etc... examples)
  • 64bit version (which is not available from direct download from the website but the magazine is offering it, a good reason to buy the magazine for example)

well, we need then to call it something like "special version with e16 desktop" (and not naming beta etc even if the numbers suggests that, the rest of the OS inside should say stable too, btw...)

that's not bad :slight_smile: the stable version is the one that offers the full good experience, the beta version is for not-novice users and for those who search for updated things and knows what they are doing... the only important thing remaining there is to make sure these "lazy scanners" readed that the stable is old (outdated drivers) and things like that

I rest my case, LOL. :madness::wow: :1up:

I strongly agree, and everyone is probably sick of me banging on about it, but beta is misleading, and it took me quite a bit of effort to work out what is obvious to long time users. I would strongly recommend dropping the beta title and using Elive-16 or something.


I wonder - would having Elive16 and Elive23-alpha versions be a way of drawing more people into the community? - A community that I am happy to notice seems to be growing, be it slowly - I know I have been using the E16 version as my working machine for months.

I suppose it depends on whether you think the E16 environment will turn people off because some find it too dated in look and feel - even considering the incredible speed and stability - or whether you think E16's strengths will keep people hanging around more interested in the next full version of Elive...

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