Another beautiful screenshot

Nice painting
Though I have kind of grown to like the Default dark themed blank textured background of E24. It exudes a sophisticated elusive and mysterious minimalist sentiment that reflects how i feel deep in my soul ; a sort of calming serenity that portends both potential and confidence. Never going back to Winblows and its garish ostentatious displays.


I can understand liking that minimalism. :smile_cat:

Me, I ventured into boating due to reconstructing/repairing antique wooden ships like those depicted there.
Once finished we sailed them and tried to imagine ourselves in the shoes of those sailors, which of course was hardly the same. So a painting like that fills me in awe as to how hard those times must have been. In the same situation I probably would have been scared out of my mind. :madness:
The depicted beach is the same beach at Scheveningen where 6 surfers drowned in a storm a few weeks ago.


I can understand the sentiment the painting evokes in you being so close to home personally. I also recognised from it, the toughness and bravery of the skilled seamen eking out a daily living from an unrelenting unforgiving sea. The depiction was rather evocative of how hard it must have been to be a sailor or fisherman in those days and even today with the breadth of knowledge and experience of all the seas, its still untameble when it chooses to be. Sorry about the loss of the lives of those 6 young people.

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Another screenshot. This time it's on 3.8.17 Beta running E16 on my X1carbon Thinkpad.
Gone back (for a whilre, I suspect) from E24 to E16 craving simplicity and minimalism.

Kicked "cairo-dock" (too much "in_my_face") for "tint2" and added "rofi" as a launcher on the left of the bar.



Should be nice too with inverted colors, perhaps..? So, darker (for economy)...


Changed the settings a tad.

  • The pager slightly tonedd down on the top right side
  • installed gtklight-theme
  • tint2 moved to the top
  • and using "rofi drun" as an app starter.

Actually quite happy now as the dark themes aren't too my liking ATM. :likeaboss:

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Do a net search on "rofi themes" and see what is possible there. :1up:

For instance "polibar" GitHub - adi1090x/polybar-themes: A collection of polybar themes/configs with different styles, colors and variants

is extremely interesting, especially as a cairo-dock replacement on E16. :madness:

I'm all for testing and showing this, it could be just the enhancement we need to give E16 that extra thingy.

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my old toshiba notebook ...
simple ... I love it



This is kinda awesome...
beautiful colors, but not too much attention taking -
it has a symetric center and a darker area where, e.g., a dock can appear =
Very good choice +++

Just another screenshot of the same E16 configuration but now with a shot of where I live as wallpaper.
This is practically just outside my backdoor and used to be the sea a short while back.
There were actually sea battles being fought here about 400 years ago.


That's beautiful, as are all your desktop backgrounds :slight_smile:

Where is it ? Very nice place. works with E17.

Only reason I did that (I do like the default E17 theme) is because the default start menu icon is a ^. Pitiful.

I also need a decent start menu because I'm making a persistence USB for someone else thats probably never used Linux in her life. :face_with_head_bandage: wow im using that emoji a lot And I didn't have a Beta ISO on hand so I just figured, what the heck? She's not going to install any programs - she just needs LibreOffice and a browser (I chose Palemoon - thanks @triantares for your guide :D) so she'll probably be fine with Stable which runs faster anyway.

UPDATE: Im using the advanced theme selector in E17 so that I dont have to use the entire theme. So that I can pick "start module should have icon from triantares theme, everything else = default theme" because the E23 theme (for obvious reasons) had problems (like a corrupt lookng clock). I'll have to switch USBs tho, this one is a cheap one that came bundled with a product and its read/write speeds are both 20mbps according to elive. :frowning_face:

Created a new E17 theme that does exactly what I customized. I imported the .edj file and then modified it, in the edje editor provided in the stable version.

And Palemoon is way too slow (cant even use some features of github) so im downloading midori rn

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For completeness' sake a screenshot of my E16 using "plank" as the dock.

And another dark retro one.

E16 can be so beautiful if we want to. :nod:


And another with E16 using tint2, plank, pager top right and a Milky-Way background .
This time a dual monitor (side by side) setup.

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This one's actually even better.
Running Mac OsX Catalina (fullscreen on the left) in virtualbox on Elive 3.8.17 with the 2 adjacent screens.

Using this for testing out "livecode" IDE (former "runrev") apps to see if they will run on all platforms as standalone.
Alas on Linux they only run on GTK2 not GTK3 (so Stable is fine, Beta isn't) albeit the IDE runs fine on 3.8.17

Stable 3.0 Live on the left, running the same app. :smiley14:

Actually surprised the laptop isn't starting to smell funny, considering everything that's running concurrently. :magick:


And another shot.
This time I'm using 3 outputs (displays) but my laptop card is max 3840x1152 resolution so I put my laptop in the middle, ovelapping half of the other 2.
This is the effect: :hot:

Screenshot in a screenshot. :nod:

And another, trying to go super minimalistic with only 2 icons on the dock (tired of the Mac-like look docks).
On the top a favourites and underneath an icon that launches "rofI" find an app by typing it's name or description.

The Desktop-pager as always top right and the systray to the right inside "tint2"

Not really 100% satisfied yet so I'll play around a while and put up a video once I am happy enough. :smile_cat: