Another beautiful screenshot

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MMMMM, nice.
Mountain-scapes always work well as a background IMO. :smiley14:

Beatiful screenshots :slight_smile:

I assume the default wallpapers provided are good, but if there's better ones, we may include them!

there is nothing wrong with elive wallpapers just I like change

yeah, they are good

yours (in the screenshot) looks powerful :slight_smile:

ye I have downloaded a few there are pages and pages of them the site is called I use them because I have the lg ultrawide curved 34 inch monitor

a question my friend when do you think the beta will go stable

Stable will be when the new enlightenment desktop is finished. That wont be at short notice as we aren't even in Beta yet. :wine_glass:

Yeah, it will need a new enlightnement version... and for that is required a lot of work! there's too many things to fix / modify / improve in the default enlightenment, hum! :thinking:

BY other side, the concept "stable" actually here would only mean "a desktop / system more ready for end-users", which means more beautiful, friendly, featured, etc... BUT, if we are talking about stability status, the actual alpha/beta versions are really strongly stable! :happy: So we can simply consider the alpha/beta versions as very stable systems to daily use, IF we are happy / have enough with the actual desktop :slight_smile: to use a newer Enlightenment desktop will be a different experience (more similar to the actual stable version of elive)

I think contacting Softpedia might be worthwhile tosg new stuff for 3.0 at the time.
The last one:

And the Register readers need to be set straight and told that Elive didn't fade away ....... on the contrary.

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Here's my latest desktop using E23 with the default (slightly modded) theme.

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Another showing the settings menu:

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thats cool looks really good

the clock on your Desktop. You used conky to do that ?

I also like your pager... Mine shows the whole desktop on all SQUARES but your's seem somekind of transparent

And your Cairo does not seem to have any borders, I like it... It,s one of the template of one you customized a lot ?

No, all that is there is available in default E23 through settings.

The clock is shelf that was on the bar but with a right click can be moved to the desktop as a seperate shelf.
The same goes for the pager ..... moved it to the desktop and removed them from the bar.
Changing settings for the pager (moving and resizing) has some quirks as can be seen here:

The pager can be set to "translucent" or "invisible" for transparancy ...... invisible hides the borders obviously.
The only real tweak I did was add the Elive logo to "applications starter" in the bar. The desktop in the screencast is the default desktop you get with E23/enlightenment.

Just installed 3.0.5 stable on my Lenovo X61T and I'm quite happy to see that E23 and E17 have a similar look&feel this way .......albeit that E23 is definitely still quircky in a few aspects but still usable for me.
I've got it runnig for a few weeks now and it's growing on me. :smile_cat:

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Frankly, I've lost that setting somewhere after resetting the whole shebang. Now I've got mini desktops as well. :face_with_head_bandage:

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huh what have you done