Automated reporting of user's preferences

Along my life using technology, I saw large companies creating software or technology, interface, GUI, Apps, and sometime I was thinking WTF !!! They didn't talked to the users it's sure, to have created something awfull like that...

My point is :

I would love to have a Voting section where most of Elive modifications " visible to users " are voted ? Most don't care of what is happening under the hood... But as fore which app, gadget, tools, GUI (Desktop Environnement), I think @Thanatermesis should adapt to what 90% of users would like to get or be removed or modified ?

Most of what you do is very good !

Buyt I think letting " the communicity " Vote and communicate " WE LIKE THIS, THIS WE HATE IT" and tweak your Distro according the what people want (Majority) would make sense ?

Example :

  • sounds On by default when we click (can be turned off I know but if 9 out of 10 hate is, why not disabling it)
  • CD icon
  • TOo many window during installation
  • donation
  • etc etc etc etc

IF 9 out of 10 of your users want something added, or tweaked or removed, should Elive go that way ?


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Mine was turned off when i installed!
Why do i keep getting weird settings :joy:
I agree though, during installation the desktop should be as clean as possible. I think. AND I MISS SUPER MARIO WARS DURING INSTALLATION!

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That's where it gets complicated...

For example, I didn't like to have Super Mario during installation... :wink:
For a demo, I don't mind having a lot of windows and all, but not for the stable version. I want to add what I need or want.

So even with a poll, you can't satisfy everybody.


I understand... You are 100% right

My point is more if 90% of people agree on something, we go that way...

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I almost Always closed it, but it was funny! it's like "it will take a while. take a sit and relax in the meantime"

85% would me nice, like in a lot of european comitees

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Yes this is good idea, this way haters will not have anything to say :smiling_imp:

yes these are good points, and much better since the reportings are automated instead of asking the user to "spend time giving feedback", also they are more realistic

the hard part is to generate/collect this info, and how, probably with an extra tool that automatically generates a summary and sends it. Finally, another tool to generate the % between all the collected reports for each topic-preferences

im thinking that it should be turned ON for live mode (demo playground) and OFF for installed mode (so user will search how to enable them if wants it) :thinking: