Black screen on boot with 3.7.16 on Dell inspiron

will check on it tomorrow, I think it will be just fine.

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I like your optimism ...... I'm always prepared for the worst when it comes to software. :rofl2:

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yeah, you are right the worst came out just now when I was trying out the driver installation.

also, i have a question. is it hard to add nonLatin typing on Elive? I have a hard time adding chinese typing on linux distros. I think, its better to add this kind of option on elive as we can reach more user through out the world. not just latin user.

Frankly I don't know ...... I suspect you can set this as an optional keyboard lay-out if you want to.

You can use the "setxkbmap" command to change the keymap......I've got Us_intl so I use:
"setxkbmap -rules evdev -model evdev -layout us -variant altgr-intl"
or for systemwide use:
"sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration"

You may want to look at "man7 xkeyboard-config" :smile_cat:

  • I think you should open this question as a new thread, that way it might generate an answer from someone who does know.

Yeah, thought as much ........ the dependencies are too old for Buster. :face_with_head_bandage:
On my machine it's even worse, although cnijfilter-common installed without a hitch.

That'll require some changes in the package but I'm not in a position to do so, on short notice.

what should i do right now, my laptop doesnt has a fixed os yet. any recommendation?

Clearly the Dell runs best with Stable 3.0.x and has the most options in doing so.
So I'd recommend that, definitely. Nothing is going to run better or faster. :applause:
The only downside it has, is that some stuff is a tad outdated like the browsers and the Libreoffice version ...... but not outdated enough to be useless, on the contrary.

If need be (but I certainly don't recommend) you can always upgrade with the newer Elive versions or simply for the fun of it: Run it in Virtualbox on 3.0.6 :mwahaha:

On your newer laptop I'd recommend 3.7.x 64bit and also give E23 a try next to E16.

i kinda agree with you. but it still has brightness problem. when it got fixed? the xbacklight not working, does elive support Redshift? i heard it is better than xbacklight.

Brightness should be repairable IMO ...... I sort of kept that one for a later day as we were busy with other issues. :smiley_cat:

I doubt if the available redshift apps will work although there is a nice option in 3.7 beta E16 to change the gamma which actually works better, for me at least. I haven't yet checked out how or with what functions it works.... just took it for granted and use it a lot and use it on a laptop that's exposed to direct sunlight by day and has to be dimmed to the (readable) max by night. :w00t:

It's been discussed for a Samsung before ..... maybe the links will be helpfull:

okay then, keep up the good work then bro :love_you_gesture:

Could you set up the brightness issue for stable 3.0.6 on a new thread, please?

sure, I also want to tell you one more thing, that I couldn't install elive on my laptop, it stuck on partitioning the harddisk. before, it told me about bad blocks, I just want to use my entire disk. I didnt have any problem on the other OS installation before.
this problem persist both in stable and elive beta 64bit

Elive has very sophisticated ways of checking your Disk condition, more so than other distros.

For a future carefree usage I would suggest letting Elive do its thing. It might take some extra time but can save you from future mayhem. :derelict_house:

Other options are to use the live boot to check, repair and prepare disks beforehand, the way you want them.

it took very long time, should i leave it overnight and see?

Yes, that would be best ... or take the HD out and let a faster machine do the work by putting it in that one or through USB connection.

Of course you can simply ignore and do a quick format but then the bad blocks/sectors will come back and haunt you another, probably less convenient day with data loss as a result.
They will come back ...... if both versions of Elive see bad blocks then the HD alomost certainly has issues.

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I'm back! :slight_smile:

My EeePC 1015 was still in 3.7.9, the elive-upgrader worked approximately to 3.7.10 (one problem for exemple is an impossiblity sometimes to run synaptics, apug or so due to "something already using this way"...
I think it should be possible to elive-upgrader again to 3.7.16, but didn't arrive... Or only from the .iso is make able?
Wana test E23 among other things!!!! :wink:


EDIT: sorry for the wrong thread... Should be a new one about elive-upgrade... :confused:

it looks like actually is included in the user's home, at .local, probably ~/.local/share/xorg/

this is a long thread, i didn't read entirely, is there any driver that should be improved in the beta versions, @triantares?

Nope, it was a comparison stable:beta ...... all's well. :slight_smile: