Chinese character typing on Elive Stable

I already installed elive on my laptop, it took like 2 hours to format the disk, and around 1/2 hour to configure the set gtk theme when booting up. I'll wait for the brightness to be fixed. how to type chinese on elive? should i make a new thread for that?

Me, I have no idea.
I suspect you'll need Chinese fonts in the first place.
Setting it as a new thread might attract answers from those who do. :thinking:

This looks like something (from Help:Multilingual support (East Asian) - Wikipedia) :

ill try it when i got chance, for now im sticking with bionic puppy for the 2ram laptop, because thats the most stable and fastest.

I suspect Slitaz (good ol' Slackware based) is even faster but alas that is in both cases down to a lack of usefull apps and beauty, although I do think Slitaz looks better than Puppy.

That is absolutely abnormal I'd check the hardware for errors, as well as the flashdisk to see if Elive isn't corrupted..
I just had Stable running an oild Asus with only 500mb Ram but that was done in half an hour max.

well, thats true, i dont have a fancy flashdisk, just a regular one with idk how much speed it has but it is slow. Anyway, It doesnt matter anymore since im running bionic puppy now.

I dont really know what is the different between this and that, I just try and feel the vibe, the speed, and confort when using it, easy setup, easy access, and finally simplicity.

even between puppies, I can feel the differences, bionic puppy feel faster on my machine rather than tahrpup. I cant trust the reviewer website because some of then is either speaking the truth or it just their machine is better than mine, idk really.

Hah, but can Puppy run your Canon printer? :w00t:

Good question, actually, i havent tried because i thought it is so easy to set up so ill test it one day after trying many other linux os.
btw, thanks for your recommendation about slitax, the iso file is sooo small only 30mb, ill try that os too tomorrow.

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Ah, I took the 50.9Mb one. :smiley_cat:

so, today I tried slitaz rolling, I was very excited to see how good slitaz is, but it kind of disaapoint me in a way. count ot as a slitaz review lol

1. chunky/laggy
even tho the GUI similar to GNONE kind of graphic, the process is kinda chunky or laggy, not very responsive, when you open some file manager, or just open up some menu, it feels like LOADING kind of experience, like that time when you browsing using Internet Explorer with 10kbps bandwith speed.

2. Confusing and buggy installs
the option for "install using live" is not doable, idk why, it just error. So, I use another flashstick with ISO file inside, the "browse ISO" also broken, So I manually entered the path /media/slitazblablabla.iso to make it work

3. confusing wifi connect
the wifi is not friendly with average user, I have to select eth0 or something like that first, configure the wifi with very minimal indication where my connection is established or not whatever, after all that thing, the wlan option is finally came out when selecting the internet connection.

4. cannot install package
yes, just as what the title says, I already login using my own user and password its the only root i got in the system, but when I tried to install firefox from the paclage manager, it told me to install it as root, that really turned me down.

The sound button WORKS, but the brightness DOESN'T. well many other distro also facing similar problem so this is a linux-together-issue, it seems like a halted project or something. So, it is safer to switch back to puppy i guess.

I'm sorry, this post shouldnt go here normally, but maybe Ill put it on some blog when i got time. lol

sadly no....cant find any support for cjnifilter ip1900 64bit.