Browser on 3.0.6

Hello to every single one of you guys! I had been using Windows 7 for 8 years before switched to Linux Mint. Discovered Elive a couple of days ago, just installed the latest stable version. Could you guys tell me if it's possible to download a newer version of Firefox? Maybe there's another updated browser that I could install?

That would be about the same question as here:

Tl;dr you can't get the latest version of almost all browsers because 32-bit and old.

However you can get a recent version of Palemoon. Install latest Palemoon on Elive 3.0.6 Stable

The link in that post is invalid due to palemoon not being made for 32bit anymore. :frowning_face:
I'm going to remove it as it's not relevant anymore.

It's still a recent release and better than the FF version.

There are only current 64bit versions there now.
No old ones.