BUG hunting Enlightenment (E24+)

well, that's the good thing about it :slight_smile:
it takes a little longer to shutdown, but it recovers your desktop as the same state as it was before to turn it off (because is a real turn-off, unlike suspension, which consumes battery or requires AC power for workstations)

on which scenarios this is a good thing? well, for example I recently used Picard (music tagger) with 18k songs, this takes some hours to process, you don't want to close the application to continue another day restarting it again from zero. Another scenario is when you have your desktop full of applications and terminals opened in specific places to work on different things, to make the desktop again in the same order and apps opened will require time. Another scenario is when you have some specific work opened and you cannot "remember tomorrow what you where doing", so just "snapshot" your computer on that state is the best

Mmmh, E16 is more plain (doesn't do anything by itself about suspension), but E23 probably does, so as you said maybe is a double suspend action, try to unload any module in e23 that can be related to that (you must try from a different user created maybe, for those E tests), or you can do a fast test by unloading ALL the modules directly :slight_smile:


True, but until now my daughter at Uni has developed a deep mistrust to hibernate/suspend due to the E16 keyboard/mouse issue (requiring a restart) and the black screen issue.
She understandably doesn't want to lose work moving from lecture to lecture....but maybe that'll change now.
She's moved over to E23 definitely now because it handles suspend better.

There are other positive things in the lock-screen/suspend/lid-close combos on E23, so actually not too happy to turn them all off. :face_with_head_bandage:

Coming wednesday I'll have my hands on another X1 carbon to do some extra tests w.o risking my work-horse. :happybounce:

We just suspend the laptop, after all the power consumption on modern devices is so damn slow.
I remember using stable elive that whenever i closed the screen it hibernated. That was quite useful since i barely use my battery on the laptop (after ten years it lasts 1.30h only. Even if it is quite a lot compared to the age is still too little ahahah)

reading the code, seems like E23 uses systemd for suspend (and we use mostly pm-suspend for e16), plus some extra E features (screen controls, acpi maybe, etc)

I did enable "acpid" to be rid of that warning screen but from what I can see it doesn't get called or used in any way.

Is this thread also handling bugs for E23 as well? Otherwise looks like there will be a duplication or division of attention to and labour with this other thread E23 installation / Testing . No ?

Yes, it is a sort of parallel universe. :madness:

At the time E22 was the latest version but now there is also 23+ and an E23 thread headed by a "howto" at the top that can be edited by anyone who wants to:

Renaming E22+ and E23+ into a more generic "Enlightenment-latest" or testing, might just be a tad too generic for search engines IMO.

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unfortunately I think that this depends strongly on the machine specs :thinking: , so so some hardware -may- need to use acpi to manage correctly things and others doesn't

the main question is: does systemd automatically enables / disables it depending of the computer needs? in such case, we may end by uninstalling acpid in the machines that has not it enabled by default (which means not needed?) and so E should not complain :thinking: :thinking:

I think we can merge BOTH contents in a single thread with a good title containing E23 (not going to have E24 soon imho, and its more clear about the version), and delete the other one

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yes that's wiser, e16 is supported by default but not e23 yet, at least we know that e23 has problems mounting partitions :slight_smile: are you using thunar or the own e23 file manager?

what is your opinion about the updated file manager in e23 @triantares ?

your issue is with e23 only, so try to re-create entirely your e23 confs, so from e16 remove your directory ~/.e

if this doesn't works, configure your "startup applications" to enable the possible needded things for dbus :thinking:

It's better but still not on par with Thunar.
If you mount a large flashdisk with multiple media files (videos, photos) it takes a long time to create icons and if the pointer hovers over one of those files it will try to play a preview and freeze for quite a while. IMO a waste of resources. :frowning_face:

On top "connman" and "network-manager" don't mix well.
So coming from E16 (where the connection is setup by network-manager) into E23 leaves "connman" showing a lost connection although that isn't true. Connman then has multiple issues to connect or disconnect or even recognize wifi devices.

moved these 2 last posts to this thread which is more on-topic...

If you mount a large flashdisk with multiple media files (videos, photos) it takes a long time to create icons and if the pointer hovers over one of those files it will try to play a preview and freeze for quite a while. IMO a waste of resources. :frowning_face:

that sounds a bit like an issue to report :thinking: E should be efficient in every aspect and if is not, it needs to be improved (that's called uncoformist perfectionism lol), see for example my report about the slow pagers :wink: they fixed it fast, but that's probably because im very familiarized with E and I know that it should not be like that

in any case if you report it you need to give details (maybe a video like in my pager slowness report issue), the number of elements that happens ("in a dir with more than 100 videos bla bla"), etc... and maybe a proposed suggestion (thats not so easy)

about connman, is good but i dont think it can be enough good as network-manager, I mean, nm is more featured, if you see "edit configurations" it allow advanced settings like vpn, md5 password, usernames etc... which seems like universities requires these types of "username accounts" on their networks, so basically we need an internet configurator that "simply works" with everything needed

in other words: probably connman will be removed in the future because of the lack of features

Tell that to Rasterman. :shocked:
Actually I find "connman" good enough but to make it usable (i.e a GUI) it requires "connman-gtk" which isn't pulled in automagically and .... (for now pending a solution) "network-manager" needs to be disabled.
I suspect that the E24 devs do not run multiple DEs on their test machines , only E24 .... so they will not have noticed yet.

This is an old thread, we are on E24 now, I wonder if we should merge some threads, rename them, or even delete them ? :thinking:

Anyways, I wanted to report my recent experience, on which I found E24 to be extremely laggy, more exactly, the desktop is not responsive, it takes around 1 entire second to display what I'm doing (if i type with the keyboard, it takes 1 second to appear, if something is drawn on the screen, it takes 1 second to show up, etc..)

I'm the only one to have this issue ?

No, I don't have these issues.
On my Lenovo thinkpad X1 carbon and my Helix2, it runs just as fast and smooth as E16 as long as I don't use the default Enlightenment file manager.
Efm really bogs dowm the machine with it's previews and icon creation/caching.

It doesn't bog mine down but there's a noticeable lag and sometimes a guru meditation with it.

Really? The only problem I have that seemed to go away is when i leave the computer on, it might have a guru meditation that requires a kill -s SEGV $(pidof enlightenment) after a bit. That's not lag tho, and I think it went away after the last update.

What's your compositor settings at?

Ok bug has been found, you can reproduce it easily with this command:

killall syndaemon ; syndaemon -d -K -R -i 0.9

It happens when the elive touchpad configurator is run on the startup applications, more exactly this syndaemon command, seems like to be not very compatible with E running

I do use the touchpad configurator once to configure it properly and effectively don't have it on startup in E24.
Frankly, I didn't see the need of having it run at every startup once all the settings are to my liking. :thinking:

The elive touch pad configurator doesnt work on E24 for me. :thinking: But it doesn't make it crash.

Bugs fixed, upgrade your packages :slight_smile:

not exactly, E has its own configurator for touchpad, but if you want the features provided by the configurator of touchpad of elive you must run the .desktop file on startup applications, or just run:

touchpad-configurator --load

features like disabling mouse movements & clicks in touchpad while using the keyboard are not supported by the touchpad configurator of E (maybe they should try to implement some extra features like this one, which is very needed for some kind of laptops which has an annoying touchpad)

not crash, but there was a lag in the desktop (with cpu usage), all the details were reported here:

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