BUG hunting Enlightenment (E24+)

This is a thread for those who can help in making the new Enlightenment the candidate to be used for the desktop of the Stable release

To re-import our nice E17 is not so possible, there's many issues, conflicts, dependencies, etc, and it sounds like is more wise to go with the newer version of Enlightenment which also includes more up-to-date distro-compatible features, but, is the new E a good candidate?

Unfortunately, we will miss Ecomorph (special effects), which was a really so nice thing in fact, also, all the features and look/design that you have seen in 3.0 will need to be re-imported, but that's not important now... what is important here is only a single thing:

It is the new E stable enough to be used for the stable release?

So our solely task here will be to betatest E and report any bug that we can see on it, how to do that?

apui enlightenment enlightenment-dbgsym libefl1-dbgsym

That's all, if you logout from your desktop you will be able to switch to the new enlightenment, everything from here is up to your own customizations, so basically your help here will be to:

Catch as many bugs as you can, see how to reproduce them, and report them to the E developers


  1. Try every option, every combination, every feature, play with them, mix them... try to reach a bug somewhere
  2. Especially from a new conf desktop (you can reset it from the Profiles too), write the steps required to reproduce the bug, and verify that it really happens easily following these steps
  3. Report the bug to https://phab.enlightenment.org , with all the info needed, and add me as a follower in the task
    • mention the version of enlightnement, with the command "appo" you have also the commit ID info
    • if is a crash and you have the backtrace in '.e-crashdump.txt' attach it too

Our built Enlightenment is always the last one (when it is updated / rebuilt), and it uses the last EFL released branch too

Before to be able to work on the new Enlightenment integration, we need to have it stable and without issues

And there's must-to-read (very-old) article about bugbusting tips :dance: HowtoBugBuster – Elive Development


This will be fun. :w00t:
Note self (and @Thanatermesis) don't stop fine tuning e16 !


Installed and went into e22 ..... feels like a downgrade. That is an awful lot of work to get that into (elive) shape. :scream_cat:


Frankly, I don't think e22 (or higher) stands a chance without Elive jumping in and showing what really can be a good DE.

Good god,what a mess. How can they kill themselves like that? :scream_cat:


too much work, too few devs

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Playing around ....changing the theme, modding some stuff and getting to know E22.

Very different again from e16 (or e17)
There's promise though. :w00t:

I can live with this, methinks.

There is a few reported bugs that I have recently made: ⚓ Query: Advanced Search

Any pointers to theming HowTos ?

I first want look&feel I like i.e is out of my way.....after which I can focus more easily on what the desktop is doing (or not).

I think edge detection (moving to next desktop) is too jumpy/fast.
And the Dock requires pop-up dialogs on mouse-over.

Mmmh... im not sure that there's any, you can also install the package elementary-theme-flat , which looks very good IMHO, but its unfinished (some things not work)

which theme are you using on the screenshot btw?

"R-alive_white_e19" by Rpill is the base I use..... although "R-NightBling" has promise too.
R-alive has some awful fonts that need change otherwise it's OK ..... I think I got it off DeviantArt.

Not bad :slight_smile: and not easy to find themes for E today (and compatible with the version)

and the list grows...

+2 more added

unfortunately new E is not very usable ATM

for every bug you* see, please report it, also include the .e-crashdump.txt file when you have a crash

important: you must install also these packages to get debug data:

api enlightenment-dbgsym libefl1-dbgsym

update: another +3 more added


Well, as soon as I can download the last Elive .iso, I will off course test E22 by trying to use only it..! :wink:


Arandr doesn't seem to work on e22 ....... it's own screen settings do.
Just a point to be made.

and keyboard configurations too, you cannot exactly use setxkbmap or xmodmap, E uses its own management of keyboard

I assume the same happens with screen resolutions, if arandr wont work, we would need to use the integrated screens configurator from it then (which is not so friendly btw, but it is meant to work good)

BTW we are not using E22, we are on E23 :slight_smile:

methinks the new E is going to be even more harder than before to "tame"

I saw you @triantares said something like the version Gem of Elive was its best on "inspiration" (or something similar, if im not wrong?), and it make me think... yeah maybe there was more "inspiration" and different, but there was also in the old times much more Enlightenment resources, which they don't exist anymore, for example:

  • engage (as a bar for e16)
  • elicit (this one is revived :slight_smile: )
  • elpanel (can be revived, maybe because of its geekness can be good, but is not so needed having the configurations in the menus now, with their translations and easy to manage, its just a better standard)
  • evidence (oh evidence!)
  • elapse (if im not wrong with the name, an image viewer)
  • multi-videos demo (that was useless, but was of course a nice thing in the old versions)
  • eem (if im not wrong with the name, a useless nice-looking demo about a phone interface concept)
  • entrance (login manager, with the theme made by Elive for the Gem version which took an entire month of develop)
  • etc...

In general usage E22x on my laptop is unworkable due to strange powersettings.

  • You have to jump through quite a few hoops to get it to wake up again mainly using the power button ....which is tricky if you press it too long.
  • When on battery, the screen dims, lightens up again with mouse usage creating a flickering (maddening) experience ...... so maddening I'm even unable to find the settings where to change that.
  • battery consumption seems higher but haven't got any hard figures there yet.

On the pro side:

  • screen rendering is better. The strange artifacts when starting Virtualbox aren't there anymore.

Screenshot using the key combo my laptop has doesn't work nice......when opting for "save" it opens up the dialog but eventually doesn't save the .png. The "elive-screenshot" command saved the day. :wink:

I've installed a nice theme that could almost be used "as is". It's R-LG-E19-Pclos by rpil from deviantart.
IMO the only thing that needs real change is the PCLOS "bull" emblem into the Elive one (do that tomorrow, given enough time).... and setting the pagers to the top right corner instead of in the bar.

For me, the pager top right is essentially an Elive recognition thing. We shouldn't deviate from that. :thinking:

send me a link and I will try it on my lenova all in one

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A link to what, the theme or E22+ ?

  • To install E22+ (which is still pretty buggy) see the instructions in the first post of this thread.
  • For the theme: R-OH-LG-E19Pclos by rpil on DeviantArt
    Download, unzip and copy the .edj file to "~/.elementary/themes"

If you wait a while I'll have the logo changes done and put up an Elive version.

ok I will wait till you do that