Additional E16 Minimal desktop

Split from BUG hunting Enlightenment (E24+)

I like the dark theme in a way but prefer the retrowave theme after longer usage .... it simply pleases my eyes to open/start a desktop session. :nod:

On a side note:
I've just finished a screencast showing how the minimal E16 Desktop I ennvisage works .... despite not having done the Howto nor actually finished the mods needed to the themes...mea culpa. :shocked:


same here, i just noticed that i still use retrowave theme too lol , is very comfortable (btw we are talking about e24 themes, but yeah could be cool a retrowave one too!)

hum, maybe should be the new default theme for e16? :thinking: (ok offtopic)

The video looks really cool :slight_smile: you should upload them in youtube :wink: , since is unlimited and you can link to here, will be also good for seo

Not any more. :smiley14:

Meaning I would need to bow to google again ....... something I try to avoid as much as possible.

That's what I mean already is as if they are the sole masters of the internet.

OTOH feel free to uplooad the (or any video of mine relating to Elive) yourself, it's CC licensed anyway.

The music is from (Driving Ambition by Ahjay Stelino) so no worries there either.

I was planning to use the video in combination with an article (Howto for a normal user) but it holds up by itself too. Albeit, admittedly I have been procrastinating in respect to the Howto but I've still got some bug hunting to do.

Especially with the shading/unshading of the (plank)panel .... it has some strange quirks in certain configurations. :nauseated_face:

There's a retrowave E24 theme?? sign me up :smiley:

No, it was an E24 thread and retrowave was thus off-topic. :nauseated_face:

A retrowave theme for E24 isn't a bad idea though ...... :smiley14: