Cairo Dock thread?

Is is to early to post Cairo question here ? Or it need to be in the Beta

My question to Cairo Dock pros :

I like Elive pager that I usually position at the bottom right corner
I also have terminal WIndow at the bottom of the scren

Even if Cairo Dock is in the middle, there is some invisible Cairo section at the whole bottom of the screen from left to right.

So anything positioned in the lower part of the screen, conflict with Cairo " SPACE"

Any idea how to workaround it ?


Check Out with compiz on and off

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tks for the try

Cairo Dock " reserve / Block" all the bottom of the screen.

If you set your cair-dock theme to default single, you will see a pager on the left hand side.
So it can be done but apparently not by the user.

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not sure what you're saying does or or how it help

But I did try and the problem is the same, it " occupate " the bottom of the screen from left to right even if is transparent. We can move any window on that surface

But forget about it, it'S not a bing thing, I moved the pager that live ( E16 pager) up, above the dock area

That theme has its own pager there that is resizeable.
In that case disable the pager in enlightment...settings.

1- how to go back o the default Theme LOL I am trying to find the name on my other PC
2- the pager from Cairo has the same problem

I put the Dock under the pager so it's easier for your to understand

so even if the dock is in the middle of the screen, and there are empty space / room for the dock next to it (lower right corner) I can position the Dock at the same level of the dock, even if the dock is not there

I restarted my Desktop configuration to get back the default Elive, Cairo Dock

Right click on dock ...... chose cairo-dock ... configure

I know LOL ( configure(
Was trying to find out which theme was the default
but I'M ok I reseted the Desktop Config of Elive and got back the default Elive, Cairo Dock

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Am not sure If I understand you right -
you complain that the pager is not fully available,
or that the Dock is over the pager or ...
From the Image I see that the pager cuts a bit from the Dock:

'shadows at windows ect.
From Enlightenment settings

On the other hand you also can remove the Cairo

Then try in Cairo
autohide and so on

Obviously you did Not take my Last advise for Cairo & you. = :zipper_mouth_face:


Which was ? Sorry I may have missed it

none of this work
I'll simply put the Enlightenment Pager higher and not at the bottom right corner.
Autohide of Cairo, does hide it but there is still some kind of "hidden Cairo Dock space" that forbid me to click in the lower part of the pager, as the E pager is in Cairo dock's space.

Don't worry I'll use my pager " differently"

just try 3.7.4 with "composite" and "GL mode of cairo" in the live mode... doesn't works ?

composite already on

I am not a Cairo expert LOL GL mode from Cairo ?

If it's the thing we say YES when first activating / running it, I said yes

where I could go in Cairo or E or Elive to see GL (that I don't know what it is) is on ?

thats the first, setting
close cairo-dock

elive-skel upgrade .config/cairo-dock

yes, cairo dock GL (not related to E* gl)

sounds like you have it... but that's why i said for make easier the test, just run it from live mode 3.7.4 (this version is needed because has improved settings for cairo-dock) and seeing if works

I know how to turn on Composite in E, Settings

But what are your talking about ? GL ? Setting in the Cairo Dock app ?

please be crystal clear...

OK I quit Cairo Dock
It asked me to turn on OpenGL I did
problem still there

Next step, live mode when I have time

The base "problem" is that cairo-dock (in most themes) reserves a specific screen space on which it should appear on "mouse over".
This is sometimes irritating when going down too low in a window and the dock keeps popping up.
Putting an extra pager there would make it all the more messy and prolly render that pager unusable.
Just my 2cents. :blush:

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