Change menu trigger

How can I change the left click action, How can I change the menu click launcher I want to use the Ctrl+Left Click to launch Enlighment menu.


Hello, @Snoopymex welcome to this forum.

In general you can change your keybindings to your own liking using the "e16keyedit" tool in "settings" through the left click menu.
Alternatively you can also edit the " ~/.e16/bindings.cfg" yourself.

This is supposing that you have Elive Beta E16 running ...... please state what version and desktop you're running.

If you've got E2* (this will probably also work similarly on E17) try going into Settings>Input>Mouse Bindings. Keyboard Bindings works similarly.

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Thanks, It worked for me, I downloaded the 64bit It's very fast and powerfull, When or How we can get an updated version of this desktop. Thanks a lot.

Newer versions will be announced here on the forum. Currently we're at 3.8.17

If you donated to get the link, make sure to keep it as it will always automatically point you to the latest available download.
If not, then a continued presence and helpful hand here on the forum usually warrants access to a link as well.

The other option, besides direct download is to start "zsync" and use the already downloaded version to only download the changes and create a new image for you.

Hey, @TheTechRobo how was that GUI for zsync coming along?? :1up:

Yes I get the link by a donation, I'm wondering with your job, It seems very stable, maybe I only change the Cairo-Dock, I prefer the traditional status bar.

Yeah, cairo-dock is a taste thing and not for everyone but there are others available albeit they don't come pre-configured in the same way.
There was a thread on that before:

If you do change stuff, do show us the result and post a screenshot in one of the threads i.e:

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It just so happens that last week I remembered about it! It's still very basic, but I guess that's good for some people. I'm planning on redoing it, basing it off of my youtube-dl gui as the youtube-dl gui is almost done a cool new loading screen with current status, I just have a few bugs to fix (namely the loading screen jpeg not loading if the gdebi-style embedded terminal window is there).

Also, note to self : would be smart to add even one more option for both youtube-dl and zsync guis. Even inside an "advanced options" button.

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