clipgrab wont install

I have tried to install clipgrab but it wont install from the repos any help with this please

Please, when posting make clear what version of Elive you're using.
When it's about apps/programs not working or installing also make clear where from and how you installed.
It's a bit daft to answer questions whilst guessing what it's exactly about.

When it comes to video dowloading ..... I strongly advise "youtube-dl", despite its name it works on other sites too.


Elive 10 3.7.14 (alpha)
yes clipgrab does a better job me thinks and easier

So, as "clipgrab" is not in the repos were you trying to install?
From what I can see, it requires Qt3 to be installed for the GUI....which doesn't bode well if you haven't installed any KDE programs (for instance) yet, on your Elive.

Not installing from the repos (i.e 3rd party programs) tends, on bad days to be reminiscent of the "dependency hell" one used to encounter in the early Linux days.

yes apt secure is locking me out of the ppa for clipgrab

Be more specific please.
We're now not in the clear if this an "install" problem or a "add-repository" issue.

PPA adding can be done on Elive but is actually an Ubuntu thingy, it's better to simply add the repo (and the signing key) manually ..... if you're 100% sure it wont damage anything.

In general it is strongly disadvised to add 3rd party repos to Elive. The fact Elive is in alpha or beta stage means a lot can change overnight and those 3rd party repos will be something with which cannot be reckoned with.
So do so at your own risk.

ok point taken just better not to add thats why its locked me out security think
ok thanks theres anothe way instead of clipgrab its called youtube video and audio downloader on firefox

True, I find "video download helper" quite alright as an extension but frankly:
"youtube-dl" beats them all hands down in versatility and robustness especially taking over where all others fail .... it just takes a little getting used to, like "mplayer".

ok thanks mate yes youtube-dl is good but I am lazy sometimes prefer a gui oh just remembered isnt there a gui for youtube-dl

AFAIK there isn't a GUI.
Frankly why would there be?
It's as simple as opening a terminal, typing youtube-dl and pasting the link (or using middle click) and hitting Enter.
After which the highest available resolution will be downloaded.

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ye true its pretty easy

try "youtube-dl" and you'll see.

Not shamelessly plugging there just making sure I'm not propagating illegal downloads. :wink:

I love youtube-dl too, it is very handy and powerful, saved playlists from youtube like "80's music playlist" (and so now I have a dir with videoclips of 80's music), or some channel I like too

Unfortunately youtube-dl doesn't has a gui (90% of users requires a gui), that could be easy to implement if we were able to "right click in a file in your filemanager", but for web things... not so easy!

Still... we can make a gui for youtube-dl, something like:

  • Menu -> internet -> download internet videos
  • Info message saying you can use a playlist or a single video bla bla
  • Insert URL dialog
  • plus options to download subtitles and other useful extras


Ihave seen it somwhere allready built manjaro i think will check and let you know
ye its on manjaro software and its called youtube-dl-gui-git

Ha! this looks interesting :slight_smile:

I assume is this one ^

We may add a package for it, and so including it on the menus (who don't want to download internet videos? a very useful app in our menus...)

yes thats it yes written in python spot on mate

It does look OK...... I'll give it a run too and see if it's usefull as is or if it will require some tweaking.

Would that suggest some proficiency in Python from your side?

nope just red how it was built

A point IMO is that it uses WxWindows to create the widgets.....which we don't have installed by default.
That means, either we add WxPython in for dependencies or change the code to use the python default "Tk" or better yet "Gtk3" which both are already there.
Shouldn't be too hard to change.

BTW, "youtube-dl" is very good at getting chunked downloads with separate soundfiles that are usually hidden somewhere as .mpd files and automagically converting them to a .mp4 file. It allows me to capture from cableTV at home and take it with me (on USB) for later viewing aboard ship.:w00t:

For me personally a GUI like that, is unnecessary cruft that dumbs down the actual program but I also agree that the lack of a GUI alienates a lot of users.

Maybe the GUI should be even simpler than what is shown there ...... i.e using "yad" or "zenity" and bash/zsh directly for the options.

I cant get it to build missing libraries leave it up to you guys