Copy / paste in rxvt

I noticed when I was helping someone install R on their system that"
If "R" is launched from the e16 or cairo-dock applications menu, it opens in "rxvt".

Alas "rxvt" does not allow for selecting, right-click and copy/paste like "terminology" or other terminal emulators.
This is not good as it will baffle users ....... especially those that require a lot of copy/paste.

So eithere "rxvt" requires some enhancing or we remove it as default (which might cause even more mayhem).

Without any chance to test it myself, could it be a vi(m) issue?

I've noticed the behavior on many systems lately, that c'n'p isn't working anymore.
At first I assumed it was xterm, bash, the universe .. But at the end it is an behavior of vim.
So I switched from vim to echo "text" >> file.rc in most cases.
Not very userfriendly, they can forgot a >, write in the wrong file (path), need to know how to set a line break ...

I looked around in the same corners and then realized it was related to starting up terminal based apps from the applications menu, which uses "rxvt".
If you startup "rxvt" by itself you will see the same behavior (or lack of ...).
Selection and middleclick (2 finger light tap on touchpad) will paste but there's no right-click menu or ctrl,shift,c/ctrl,shift,v functionality.

By other side, rxvt is configured by default if the system is detected to have low resources, check where it points the file /etc/alternatives/x-terminal-emulator, if it points to terminology but urxvt is launched, then the issue is the application itself which try's to launch its own defined terminal selected

Indeed ..... but either way it would be nice if urxvt would allow for the traditional methods.
There are quite a few laptops/tablets out there that do not have a middle button and the "double finger tap" isn't exceptionally good i.e requires some deftness to not tap too hard or it will be seen as a left click.

mmmh, maybe im lost, but urxvt supports traditional methods very well, terminology has just "more features"

basically: just select text with mouse to copy, and use the middle button for paste, this should be the standard in all the terminals / consoles (even out to a tty)

that's not a problem in elive :slight_smile: you can simulate a middle-click with the touchpad by pressing both buttons at the same time, or if your touchpad don't have phisical buttons, you can still trigger a middle click by doing a tap in the top-left corner of your touchpad :eyepopping: (yeah, more unique features of elive :P) :wow:

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Ah, didn't know that one......very good!
Works in fine rxvt where simultaneous left and right button (dedicated areas on touchpad) does not.
One kudo for Elive. :hot:

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new slogan:

:furrydance: "Elive, the only OS that features adding hardware in your computer when it lacks it" :furrydance: