Howto copy-paste in terminal

There's a much improved way in linux* to copy and paste, which works also on a terminal

  • select the text that you want to copy
  • press the "middle-button" of your mouse to paste it

This works on a terminal too, and its much more handy than the traditional copy-paste

By other side, Terminology also supports the default/traditional clipboard, like this:

  • select the text in your terminal that you want to copy
    • if you press "ctrl" while selecting the text, it will behave like a "boxed selection", sometimes needed
  • press Ctrl + Shift + C to copy
  • you can paste it in a web browser for example using the traditonal mode, (ctrl + v)
  • to paste in Terminology using this memory too, use "ctrl + shift + v"

Your ZSH shell also features "ctrl + y" to copy the actual cursor's line

Note: Elive features special touchpad configurations, for example the upper-left corner emulates a middle-click if you tap it, check for more amazing settings in touchpad-configurator :excited:

I use this feature a lot on Ubuntu but have mixed results on Elive. Usually on those machines with touchpad that emulate middle button through pressing left and right simultaneously.

Elive has a special emulation on touchpads :wink: check the settings in touchpad-configurator

try for example a fast small tap in the upper-left corner, this is equivalent to a middle click, very useful for touchpads which doesn't has a middle button (or even no buttons at all)

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