[Ctrl + click] Not working in Enlightenment (E24+) EFM

Ctrl + left click ( touchpad) does not select individual files in a directory / folder in E23. Is this touchpad problem or settings somewhere in E23 DE? I think this is a universal characteristic Shift + Left click twice selects all the files in the range. Ctrl + left Click should select and highlight individual files selected as a group. Any suggestions?

If I remember well, E23 custom file manager does not allow that... (you can still use thunar or nemo if you prefer)

@triantares ?

Does does not work in Thunar either. and i dont want to install nemo; too many dependencies from Cinnamon Desktop Environment. Just want to stay as true as possible to pure Elive.

Any one know how to disable an over sensitive touch pad. It keeps autoselecting whole sections of text as you type and if you are typing fast you easily delete what has been autoselected accidentally. I have typed this paragraph like three times!


In touchpad prefs, you can check an option "neutralize touchpad when typing", with a timing in ms to set eventually...

Hopping that helps!

Have done that already didnot work , what timing should i put you didnt put a figure. The autoselection seems to occur when the program is autosaving something you have typed .This problem also occures in OpenOffice writer as well, sometimes without your finger touching a button seems to detect heat from ne

On E23 certain stuff that worked fine on E16 doesn't work any more or different.
My touchpad settings:

Which does give a noticeable delay to reactivate.

As well I opted to need a click to activate a window as well as turning off the edge detection settings as I explained in E23 encountered issues .... Please expand

As to EFM and Thunar behaviour:
On my machines both managers select fine using Ctrlor Shift and the touchpad tap/click ...... so that might be down to the hardware you have. :face_with_head_bandage:

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I set on the eeepc 1001px, the "enable back" at 1.2s... On the M6700 I let it shorter; It depends on your typing skills, speed, precision & the hardware... So it needs a bit of tuning...


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@Yoda seems to have encountered the same issue

@yoda Please shade some more light on this

AM presently installing a VM with ELive 64 bits 3.8.7 and E23... WIll do some tests.
My production machine is now using E16 for now... Will go back to E23 later.
But it will be a pleasure to test, as I don't remember, how the EFM ( Elightnement File Manger) behave....

Yeah, there are quite some (hardware) differences between the various touch-pads and their drivers.
Even the Thinkpads use different ones on the same series but luckily they all have the track-point to fall back on. :happybounce:

your problem is hardware related I think / guess

MY brand new Elive installation, using the Enlightenment File Manager
CTRL Select files or folder OR SHIFT Select the 1st then the one at the bottom, works well in E23....

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Gaaaaah, that has to be one messy keyboard. :madness:

I modified my SHIT FOR SHIFT LOL If this is what made your laugh :laugh:

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Touchpad Works perfectly when I boot in E16 on the same Elive installation. Problem only arises when i switch back to E23.. So it must be an E23 problem.
And for clarification the problem is with the Ctrl + Click. The Shift + click works as expected

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Looks like its a keyboard Key mapping issue. When i press [ Ctrl+Click] and slide a finger across the touchpad I am able to drag the active window around the screen. So all i need to do is find the bindings for key combinations and reassign them correctly

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I have the same situation albeit not as bad as your symptoms.

My sole problem is that my Fn key combo's don't work anymore as they should. So backlight dimming or sound keys don't work.

I know I've got 2 options at least:

  • Use the iso to upgrade the existing installation (and hope I don't lose too much personal stuff) and assume that the keyboard will get probed again.

I prefer to find the command that does that, though. I suspect I'll be needing systemd for that, not my forte.

  • Reassign the keycodes ..... but that is a lot of ado for very little.

First thing I have to do IMO is run the 3.8.7 iso and see if my keybard does work when it's running.

As for bindings:

  • In E16 ..... ~/.e16/bindings.cfg
  • In E23 ...... settings, Settings Panel, input, keybindings

Discovered the problem When my E23 crashed and I could not recover it. So kind of had to reinstall it and then realised that setting up the Keyboard the first time that E23 is being started is where I made multiple configuration alterations but forgot about. It is best to leave the default ones selected by the automatic system and adjust them later using the settings tools

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this thread is about e23 which is experimental, so it should be moved to a different section?

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