Desparately need 64 bit Elive

I desperately need to get the 64 bit Download of Elive ( 32 Bit unable to incoporate latest Software) even if it is still in beta to continue my project without abandoning Elive completely. However I have no way of making the donation from my country "tough and expensive financial regulatory requirements". Other than writing an article about Elive is there no other way/task I could do to access the download? Say Washing dishes , fetching water, firewood.....?

Well if you read just a tad more carefully just underneath the "Alternative opions", you would've seen this:

Another easy option is to participate in our forums. Which can be a direct constructive help by reporting issues and sharing the release experience

Meaning you obligate yourself to helping crush bugs on this forum.
Which is already done.

Will PM you the link.

So on a first: What software are you referring to that doesn't have a 32bit version anymore?

Maybe you could try to use the 'Search' in the forum ... and you'll could find: Using 64 bit software in Elive 3.0?

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I thought 64 bit does not run on 32 bit systems , except through emulation. To me that adds a layer of complexity I am not yet experienced enough to deal with. Besides I worried that my Laptop low resources may not be able to handle the work load

So on a first: What software are you referring to that doesn't have a 32bit version anymore?

Oracle JDK 11 and above
Eclipse IDE 2019
among others

Hello IamElive,

I don't know you. This is the reason, why I've deleted my statement.
Maybe you have a good reason, maybe not. I don't need to understand.
Best wishes for your project!

Both are available in the repositories albeit "openjdk11" (Oracle version is proprietary) and "eclipse 3.14" is available...... I'm not too certain where eclipse 2019 deviates from that version, if at all.

Hello Mr LupusE , You needn't delete your post, as long as it was posted in good will and you felt good about posting it. Some of us newbies may need chastising every once in a while, No need to shield us. You never know some nugget of wisdom/insight from your comment may seep through to me and my ilk months or years down the road. Learning whichever which way takes courage, determination and a thick skin while teaching comes with calm insight and humility.

Tried openjdk but kept feeling something was missing and struggled to put things together. I guess my impatience got the better of me.