Dual booting please

Hi All. Can anyone provide clear instructions on how to dual boot Elive with Windows 10?

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On a first you will need to state what version of Elive you're referring to: Stable, Beta/alpha ?

Exactly what is unclear to you about dual booting Windows10?

In references to the versions: Stable (3.0.6) does not support secure-boot/UEFI so that could be a showstopper for you (I personally don't know, WinXP was the last version I ever had :w00t: ) but the Beta versions do have signed kernels.

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As a short answer, you only need to boot Elive, resize your hard disk to shrink your windows partition (let's say half of the disk), this is better to do from windows directly too, then run the installer and create the partition structures to install it

I just downloaded stable and intend to dual boot on an old Toshiba (2009) that’s running a dual core AMD A4.
I think the original poster might have wanted to know if the tools required for the dual boot were included in the install package, or if we need to chase them down. I’m pretty sure we can muddle through if we have everything at hand.