E16 dark theme with BIG fonts

There's some guides in the forum for modify e16 themes, but is true that most of the users don't knows how to do that, while in newer versions of Enlightenment its much more easy to modify that. But the true is that the default theme has pretty small fonts (which is good), but makes some people having difficult to see them

Just to make things easier for these users, I have included in the repos a modified version of the dark theme with bigger fonts, and for the same reason, this theme will be included by default in the next build too (3.8.8)

How to use it?

apui e16-theme-elivedark-bigfonts

then press "ctrl + alt + end" to reload your desktop, and pick it from your themes menu list

Comments welcome!

Also, since we have now a big-fonts version of the default theme, do we should make the fonts on the default theme smaller? :slight_smile: or they are already too small by default? (i dont think so but...)

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Great , Thank you. Much better. At least I can now see to make other changes :slight_smile:

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Are there any other themes available? I want to experiment with a lot of them

the most useful / usable / nice ones are the ones included by default in the elive repos, try all of them :slight_smile:

api e16-theme-\*
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Thx :slight_smile:

Found a address with even more e-themes which are (if downloaded) in /home/"user"/.e16/themes


they might be older (like 2009) but since you wanna try things out ... :w00t: :w00t:

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What a difference!!!! On a 34" widescreen its now pleasant for the eyes