E16: How to autostart applications at init of desktop

Enlightenment 16 is less featured than newer versions of Enlightenment, but this is perfectly possible and if you want to automatically run applications at the desktop start, Elive makes it even more easy for you :applause:

On Elive, a special file is provided for this:

~ ❯❯❯ scite ~/.e16/startup-applications.list

As you can see, it can run .desktop type files and also commands, so basically, just add your own commands in the end of the list, that's all! :eyepopping:

One per line, for example it can look like:

thunar /home/MYUSER/Documents/

My example line will launch a filemanager pointing to your documents directory on each desktop start


If you want to automatically set your autostart application to a specific desktop, size, position, or similar things, configure the "Remember" options, by pressing "ctrl + alt + right-click" in the window and selecting "Remember":



Considering I had some issues with users copy/pasting commands directly, isn't it better to use "~/Documents/" there in place of "/home/MYUSER/Documents/" ?
Not only here, which is just an example ...... but in all posts.

yeah good point, the ~ char is a dynamic call of the user's home, which should work on most of the cases (specially if these commands are called from a shell-featured callback)