E16 light theme

I have had time to give it a go this morning.
I have modified the cairo-dock Adeskbar theme by:

  • removing the left dock
  • Added Elive Logo Icon for applications menu
  • Straightened the rounded corners of the applications menu to conform to the E16 menu
  • Set the text color to black (was grey)

The theme is here and can be imported into the current 3.7.8 in cairo-dock configuration panel or extracted to /usr/share/cairo-dock/themes/:

A modified light GTK+ theme for E16 is also there:

And should be extracted [sudo required] to /usr/share/e16/themes/

The Elive-GTK+ theme is built around the original GTK+ theme by James Cape.
Changes are:

  • Dialog buttons changed to aqua theme bubbles.
  • Made the menu background lighter to conform to the Cairo menu
  • Changed icons/arrows to sub menus to conform
  • Set desktop pager to borderless.

There are some points that could be changed by default, like:

  • Do we want the KILL_button on the left or right side?
  • The blue bar on the top bar. Keep or leave it? -- I personally like it.
  • The root desktop menu is a bit cramped compared to those in the sub menus because there are Icons there. Option: remove those icons or add icons to root menu?

What is really messy is that some apps (like archive manager) have their own (gnome) top bar ...... :sniff:

Above the E16 desktop menu, below the cairo appl. menu.

The shown background is a (stretched) painting by John Everett Millais.

On top, in case of a light theme and ditto background: Conky needs dark text ! :thinking:

Suggestion: Replace "file-roller" by "engrampa".


you are adventurous to hack an e16 theme

do you know how to use git? could be nice to track all the changes and have them in a collaborative way, there's also some git facilities included in elive (from the file manager) if im not wrong

also, to have it packaged for elive could be needed to have the sources from git

hum, this has been already implemented in elive by default in the last recent versions, is your system / (default-provided) cairo confs updated ? :thinking:
i mean that because the cairo default configurations has been pretty much improved since the first including of it in the early versions

Suggestions for e16 theme:

  • fonts should better use "dejavu sans" (multiple language chars for translated entries and a standard type of font)
  • icons should be a bit smaller (looking at the screenshot), and with a space in the left before the letters
  • in the same way, will need better whitespacings in the bottom/top places for the entries (similar to the cairo-dock menus)

if im not wrong, i have forced-e16-borders for this app, this is a "remember setting" of e16 which can be included in the default confs

I tried putting it up on github but I find it a very excruciating experience -- especially after I placed a folder in the wrong place and had to delete it, and it's contents. :eyepopping:
Anyway the content in the tar.gz IS the sourcecode.

The hard part is that I cannot find any e16 documentation on how to create an .etheme file or a "pager.cfg".

It is up to date but only the "default" theme has links to the logo.png so I simply added it to the theme itself.

Agreed to all three points. It would be nice to have icons on the categories too.
As to fonts I see cairo-dock uses dejavu-sans 14pt fonts where I used FreeSans 8, 10 and 12pt

I'll see if I can find that but I'm not sure I can build that into the theme itself. Similar to pager size, it keeps reverting back to a smaller size if I restart e16 -- so requires some fiddling through the "settings" menu.

This e16 theme was hacked together in an hour or two so actually only the "low hanging fruit", other stuff will be harder.

I'll see if I can finish it this weekend and put it up on github (it's already partially there, after all)

Here it is:

Now for some changes. :joy:

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I suggest we make it the default for Elive ? That specific CairoDock config and e16 config ?
As for the Background Desktop, I don't care or we could vote for the Default one ?


  • THat cairo config
  • e16 pager top right
  • e16 menu exactly like this ?

Yes people can change and customize everything but we should vote for " THE DEFAULT" one ?

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The default config for every major Elive component will be the way to pu the foot in the door ( sales expression)...

If the 1st look, default is cool and sharp, " after" they will may be take time to learn what is under the hood and all the possibilities...

A look like this +

  • we welcome screen
  • making the e16 shortcut tool obvious to find (or some link in the Welcome Screen)
  • and some other " MUST USE / Seee" shown by a welcome screen

And we'll rank for sure higher in the distro ranking... ?

My thought was that people got a choice on first boot up, similar to how Gem started up.

So practically a "double" default config depending on user choice.
The trouble is that both themes (Elive-GKTK-light and Dark-One) need some extra care before they're a real "foot in the door".
IMO Dark-One needs coherent fonts too.

The reality is that we'll have to flaunt E16 as a wonderful (temporary) replacement for Elive E17.
That's a challenging sales pitch but can be done.

I've started off a document with changes (not specifically E16) I think are needed.
I'll see if I can put that up as a wiki.

I put it up on github 'cause I'm there already and at heart a lazy bugger :innocent: :

To collaborate directly you will have to register as a user. Otherwise download or clone and offer me the changes through PM.
For now the repo is "public" because if I make it private only registered github users can be allowed access and none other here have an account there except @Thanatermesis

Or we use the collaboration site we used a while ago when 64bit was first offered. I cannot remember the URL anymore but I'm sure @yoda can put up a new one for that.
It would be quite apt for smaller projects like this.



Good job!!!

  • a "dark" theme is very needed too (for me, two reasons: readability & power economy (less light));
  • a silent option may be in the same choice window: I personally "hate" the sounds, comments, that -for me- are strictly unnecessary (except for blind people or so)... I made with it for now but it's, even in live sessions, the first thing I shut off, each time.......


I agree for the 2 choices... You are soooooo right

IMHO we " really" need a tool to not be "all over the place" to finish that project.

It can be anything but last time I proposed Trello Trello

IF everyone are ok with that tool, we'll use it, to list all the remaining tasks and collaborate on them.

Trello allow to Create a tasks, have discussion withing that task ( comments, like, add pictures, add To Dos within a Todo) etc Can be used on a mobile ( interface is cool)

If trello is too fancy anything else allowing to collaborate will do but Trello once you know how to GUI works ( move things around etc) it cool


  • let's make a list of what need to be done to go public
  • we'll discuss and argue on items on that list to end up with an official list
  • we'll create ToDos(items..) within each ToDo, needed to make it happen
  • along the way we'll adjust ( discussion within the ToDos
  • move the TODo o the Completed TILE one completed
  • Last Step we'll all test the FINAL PRODUct and make some adjustments ( PERFECT, WILL NEVER BE....WORk in progress)

AND ANNOUNCE ELIVE TO THE WORLD ( everyone of use, with the GO/OK of the PR team, will post on different sites to get attention, @Thanatermesis will send his SuperMASS EMAIL


Agreed it has to be an option.

It's the first thing I do too but ...... on the other hand it is easier for a user to disable sounds than to enable them.

I was busy taking screenshots for a manual anyway. :w00t:

That was the one. Can you set that up? For now there's only the .odt and .pdf so shouldn't be to bg a thing.
Especially as we all registered there too. IIRC

That made the previous project a great big mess but I'm OK. In that case I propose keeping the github version as final, no big discussions wanted there. I'll keep the repo "public" so to have as much input as possible.
We're too small a group and know each others preferences only too well. :sniff:

I plan to put up the e-books/manuals I've started working on, there too ..... They should be put on Trello for the discourse too IMO.

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@Thanatermesis announced to start a project on 'Asana'
may be we still should wait for it ?

He supposed to handover the link and the logins...

Instead of waiting we just start and can always move over when/if it gets ready. Thana has enough to do.

I missed that part

Let's start anyway... Trello if I understand
I will provide link AM( for LOL) need to deal with something now

Here is the link

Get familiar with the interface / move things around etc

USE INTERFACE TEST List for practice

We have been at this point before,
and then @Thanatermesis came and pushed it just from the table, explaining Asana is much better (already in Elive apps) -
may be we start with our masters choice better,
instead of beginning from scratch on Asana when he is back ( from the wherever Village)

I frankly am at a loss how to add files like the .odt/pdf or e-book.
I do not want to spend another half day finding out how it works.

@yoda do you think you can get those 2 files from github up there?

I don't know if Trello is meant to collaborate on a document ( several people working in the same document, I don't think so)

I " think " Trello (that I don't know that much LOL) is more a Tasks tool, collaboration, to do, etc

I am wondering if I am not doing a mistake pushing us to use it LOL LOL

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Well for now we can discuss there and add the changes to github, once we agree.

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Asana is in the menu applications menu BTW.
"Office" -> "Personal Organizer" -> "Asana"

& @yoda:

I suggest we should use Asana, since it is @Thanatermesis preference - when we have the choice... ?