E16 retrowave theme

I present you, the beautiful and shiny RetroWave E16 theme :wow:

this is of course the first version but it already looks pretty slick and entirely in the retrowave mood

now imagine that with a retrowave wallpaper :wink: ...

how to install it:

api e16-theme-retrowave


I like the theme .... It's nice to see the borders better.
I propose a less obtrusive wallpaper.... i.e as simple as possible to avoid personal distaste and such.

included video to promote it a bit :slight_smile:

I saw it just now in my subscriber feed!

Hum... im trying to post the video on this thread How do i make linux look outrun as all hell? : outrun but i cannot comment :thinking: that's because im a new user or because the thread is "closed"? i don't see any info (never used reddit before)

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It's because it says "this thread is archived"

Meaning it's more than six months old, so you cant upvote, downvote, or comment

Try to find a new thread thats not archived. Also look on Quora (quora.com), these questions never expire and there might be e.g. what is the most beautiful linux

There are also other sites (like Stack Exchange Server Fault, SE Software Recommendations, SE Super User, and Unix and Linux SE). Note that you'll have to add a disclaimer or else your post will get deleted.

One more Reddit link:


You could post a link to elive or something, or respond to an existing post :slight_smile:

like that? :slight_smile: https://www.reddit.com/r/unixporn/comments/heg3k6/retrowave_linux_desktop_themed/ (all vote up :1up:)

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Ya, seems I don't have enough karma, even though I have 16 :confused:

maybe later...

Created thread in r/retrowave:

Pending mod approval. But might appear soon?

This looks like a complete DE now.
Great :nod:


My new theme. Thanks a lot: it looks gorgeous!
(I'm using a different background, but this are just personal tastes)