Elive 3.0 Announcement


Let’s start this specific thread for the massive email announcement topic specifically

Which needs to be the optimal as possible, 22k users will be reached, and every small detail can affect in a percentage of the wanted results (people downloading & sharing the new version)

Let’s discuss here about:

  • information needed to include
  • visual aspect
  • psychological (marketing) aspects

My actual idea is: a very short and positive message, saying:

  • Elive 3.0 is released
  • download entirely cost-free
  • new community (these forums)
  • writed as: positive, curiousity-creating, engaging

Suggestions? Comments?

Mentions: @jfbourdeau, @stoppy98, @grottem


Draft of how it can look the email in your “email box”, I can change:

  • “from” (Elive Linux), could be “Elive 3.0 release” or something similar…
  • “subject” (Elive 3.0 is out!)
  • “pre-header” (After 8 years…)

Every detail on these parts will be the difference in the % of people that will read or not the email


Sorry will be back in around 2 hours, and from tomorrow 10 am ( my time MTL, Canada) to 3 pm, I will have a lot of time available
JF (alias Yoda… Personality disorder)


I thinks it looks pretty much good. I’d read it



  • Elive 3.0 is out!
  • Elive 3.0 is ready!
  • Elive 3.0 is finished!
  • Elive 3.0 is released!

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Also do not forget, if u will add any image to, to make it colorful. Think about the last Jedi: it didn’t earn too much in China because because the movie poster was too dark!


Like it !!
From, I don’t care
As long as Subject catch attention


I don’t have any image, not sure if i should simply use a simple screenshot (which doesn’t tells much) :thinking: , maybe different screenshots elements? the bad news is that there’s only 24 hours left!

BTW this is my actual draft:

After many years of silent development, the third stable version of Elive is out, the result is simply amazing and the integration is gorgeous, it is not even possible to describe every inside feature and the new website only contains a small portion of its characteristics. Unfortunately not everything is rainbows and perfection, the lack of resources made the release was too much delayed, and this leaded to old packages and drivers, but even with that, the final result is really worth of it, Elive 3.0 is a perfect system for the daily use, rock solid, beautiful and full of hidden features, with every simplified aspect to make it usable for any user level. If all this was not enough this version is the most powerful than ever, maintaining its lightness in resources and blazing fast responsiveness, do not hesitate to put this polished and ready to use system in every computer for any purpose. And even better again, this final stable version is just entirely cost-free, limitless with all their features, so that more people in the world can enjoy and use this system, specially for those with low resources.

Looking like this:


Improved version

Less than 22 hours left, I will try to take some screenshots tomorrow to include like a gallery-of-images in that email :thinking: , but I think that this (simple and short) email could be enough (no images can also mean curiosity?)


I don’t like the second paragraph. It’s true obviously, but, to someone who isn’t that much interested in elive yet, it may sound like “we didn’t upgrade it” or something bad like that. When you get announcement of something new and the announcement itself tells you it’s actually something old, would you even feel like downloading it? The potential client would be thinking “oh well it’s just the usual stuff. I will wait for a better update” @Thanatermesis
And I also think it’s a good idea underlying the “ready out of the box” feature. Puppy Linux is particularly appreciated for being ready out of the box and a great os for live USBs, elive should be a better looking and more powerful alternative to it when comes to live systems!


I would remove it too I think
It’s your call @Thanatermesis


That’s a delicated topic:

  • I don’t like it too, but I have see some users being (very) disappointed after to see how old the packages are, by telling them (“you have been warned”) they will be not disappointed because they already knows this factor
  • Transparency & sincerity is valuable too
  • “someone who isn’t that much interested in elive”… that’s for the massive email release (so already existing users), but this info will be of course replicated in other blogs and social medias (reaching new users too)
  • saying that has a negative impact as you* said
  • it is also good to make understand the users the reason of why the packages are old (due to lack of resources), so instead of blaming they will understand that there’s not enough users / donations / resources

So… should be entirely removed? rephrased?

Mmmh, maybe, depending also of what says the rest of the text (the result is amazing, worth, it has foo & bar & etc…)

Another 8 years ? lol, (and that’s why I included it, to grow the value of this release, “it has been needed 8 years for this result, you must make a look to all this work”)


Shared document, to improve the wording / english: Sandstorm


ok may be lighter :slight_smile: Rephrased…
I agree than with what you are saying


2nd toughts
May be better to disarm the bomb ( negative comments about old package etc)… Talking about it upfront is not that bad… May be better


yeah there’s some annoying beings in internet that seems like to enjoy being so negative lol, fortunately the majority does good reviews / comments


You’re right. i didn’t read it from that point of view


This is an example of a disappointed user:

I had somewhere an email or message from somebody very-very disappointed about the so-so-old packages that the new Elive includes but i dont fount it


Yea I know that guy a bit… It really hard one some product he analyze sometime LOL


Included a “thanks” and an introduction to the new forums, on the 3.0 email: