Elive 3.0 Announcement



My lack of deep knowledge of linux will make me say Hummm ok You’re may be right.


What about using just torrents? Who is unable to use them? I mean, torrents are even better for those who have a slow or intermittent connections!
Maybe this would solve all the complains and the cost problems. I don’t remember if it was zorin, but till a short time ago one of the most famous distros had not working direct downloads, fact that forced people to use torrents.

Probably by virus he meant any sort of security breach, exploits too. In here is pretty much common calling virus any malicious security related issue


Only viable for this stable version, to build manually everytime a torrent is a too much manual work (also to put them on the website), all the building tools for elive have automated processes

Countries or ISP’s probably blocks them, they not works on some places, but it must work almost everywhere

maybe, but his flood of complains has no excuse, he’s blaming what he don’t knows with nonsense arguments, really disliked it


You are right, I forgot about that ! When suggesting different torrents


You made me laugh with this one !

About the “organize a task manager”
I aill again say it, I come from the Windows and Mac World and used during 40+ years their Application Manager, " some / not all" human being do not like to learn new ways of doing things(like my wife) but I now prefer " A LOT " opening an app with a keyboard shortcut, or Alt + Esc and typing 1 or 2 letter!!! so Much faster !!!


Yes, it would not be too long to do…


just like all the other 20-80+ needed features to show in the website lol


that’s why I did my little Youtube yesterday… I didn’t show as much as you could, but still :slight_smile:


Thank you! I added it the list of articles too :slight_smile:

BTW more exactly about the “features” for the website i have in mind to use revolution slider (see the demos in google) which I think that can be better than just a video due to multiple reasons (other features must need a video)


This may be the reason why I got not so few drivers problems, the random freezes I have experienced and all the other graphical problems then!

Maybe it could sound like when you said “use only thinkpads, other laptops a crapware” or when, on boot, elive states that amd graphics are complete garbage.
Both things may disappoint not so few users. Me too.
I didn’t download the torrent yet so I cannot tell how it is written, but that’s probably how people may mean it


haha well the first is a suggestion, the second is a long time experience with them (lol), the tools to record the usb’s are said because is not even a suggestion but a need to ensure that it works or it can fail in a strong probability

the usb thing is only the name of the directory where the tools are, so that the user can view it clearly


I had a long bad experience with Nvidia instead… My first graphics card was usable only with Nvidia’s 180xx drivers, any newer one would make windows unusable (literally, I was unable to boot it). This lasted till the 342 version (also the last one supported if I’m not mistaken). It was a decent graphics card at the time, made completely unusable by awful support (I think I will mark this as off topic lol)

Maybe a classic readme file would be better, idk


ok let me reply your last post just for answer it and we will stick at the topic :slight_smile:

this is in fact normal, every version of the drivers has a range of cards supported, thats why you select which driver to use when it asks for

well nvidia are also not the bests and even torvalds complained a lot to them (with his long finger included publically), i personally always have good experiences with them and worked in a very decent way, and that’s has been also the experience by any other people that i have seen, i mean in the big majority of times

not really, i dont think that the 1% of the people opens a readme file, and that “use only these tools” are just the directory name betwen ( ), it doesn’t hurts at all and its a needed suggestion, but that comment from the video guy its like someone died due to this


Ahahahah ahahah that’s true

There are also people who wouldn’t use that tool even if told so unless the good reasons are really evident :confused: maybe a big warning in the download page? Otherwise most people will just use Rufus and DD (I’d do the same TBH)


Why do people hate pop ups so much? I have never seen such a complaint before that review ahahahah ahahah but people said the same in comments. Maybe it’s Me too used to windows? After all, I haven’t been sticking around Linux for such a long time


because is true, they are annoying, and its also true that contains needed information (in that specific moment), so how to deal with this problem? you need to provide the information, and they don’t wants to read


I really do not know. I just press esc in case I’m lazy to read a pop up, and most times I do not read it I end up breaking something lol so… I don’t find the reason why someone should complain about them. Do they want a long documentation page? A long tutorial about anything you may be doing? Nobody would read any of them. Pop ups just pop up when they’re needed, like a teacher that corrects you only when you’re mistaken instead of making you sit and listen to a 5 hours lecture you would forget in 5 minutes.
(Am I mistaken?)


I probably will attempt to try to work the install into my system. Right now I have it on a USB stick where it also placed a persistent save feature. I love that it did it like that by the way. It was pretty ingenious to include that as a feature. My goal is to see if I can migrate. I will look around the forums for specific topics to see if I can keep my posts on topic that it is suppose to be inside the forums. I thought I would just check in here and give you an update as to some of my thoughts on the system in general.

On the hated pop ups idea, I can understand the frustration. And like I mentioned before I can handle them as a minimum. Keep in mind something from my past. When I looked at some of the transitions from one program to another, in which was based in linux. You may not know these programs but it could help… It’s the evolution of the server which goes by the name “Free internet chess server”. The system is based on linux, and the programs that connect to it also have a basis of it. And the user base is at least 40% linux. The ones that did used a program called Winboard/Xboard. The reason they like it was it was simple, had a board and didn’t take away from the command line. They were stuck with the dogma of never changing.

This could be said true with this. While there was more graphic intensive programs like Eboard, or lets say for windows “Babaschess”. No matter how good those programs were in terms of allowing the user to navigate the site the die hard users of Xboard/Winboard always downed the efforts of the other programs. It is quite possible that what you will have to face are people like that. Where they will never accept the ideas.

I will admit I don’t like everything that you have done, but for the most part I like your efforts. But I am also not a critic. I do have other questions, but they probably belong in other areas of the forum. So I will take them there.

Thank you so far for producing an entertaining version of linux. I always loved enlightenment.


Thank you :slight_smile:

Yes please open threads for their specific topics and questions, suggestions of improvements are also very welcome! :slight_smile: