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Please - this is important for us:

Help Elive improve its delivery difficulties by marking our emails as important, and moving them into your Primary inbox section!


We have been working hard over the last months to create the heavily desired 64BIT builds with full 32BIT compatibility. emoticon typing fast

That's not the right emoticon for this situation I think..... More like :typing: or :smiley14: or something.

good job tho!

Thanks, updated the message, btw I have also rewrited it a bit to something a bit different:

Please - This is important for us;
We have delivery difficulties, help us by marking this email as important, and move it into your Primary section

Second icon picked for the 64bit thing :slight_smile:

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There's not much donations received from the newsletter, so it was removed because was useless

Now I just added it again, with the idea to be more "motivating" to donate, what do you think about the message / feeling given?

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This, crudely said is: Shit!

If you want to motivate, you have to make those you are targeting feel special.

  • Special in the sense that they will be supporting something that could change a lot and might even be of historic significance.

In all ways what you write there is all about you as the single developer of Elive and that you deserve to get paid, no more - period!
That IMHO is not "motivational" but "self congratulation".

You really, really have to think hard on what you want and how you want to do it.
What you've been doing hasn't worked, isn't working and shows no signs of getting better in the near future.
Albeit you certainly have perseverance. :nod:

So start asking yourself:

  • what will my life look like in 10 years, realisticly
  • what do I want it to look like, I wish.
  • how can I achieve that, realisticly

I've got some thoughts on that but not really apt for public threads. :shocked:

I don't mind putting extra effort (including financial) in that, don't mind changing my views after a discussion but definitely don't feel like talking to a brick-wall that doesn't have any other intentions than doing stuff like they've always been done before.

It's dead simple: No community: No joy!

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yeah it sounded a bit like that to me too... the idea came from a friend here who said that people would donate much more if they things that this is the effort of one single person instead of a "big entity / enterprise behind" (which of course, a small donation is much less important in the second case)

the first message was the first 2 sentences in the donation page, but in the end, an entry with "donate" in the newsletter simply not worked before, so I was trying something new with this other version

suggestions? or simply remove it ?

Yeah, he knows you and tries to project his vision of you but that won't work.

I'll give the wording a good think over later today. :nod:
IMO you need to go along the lines of hinting a future (incorporating the goodies from the past) which will be worthwhile to participate in.

It's what I've been saying for quite a while now:

  • Elive needs a mission statement to which people can relate to and want to be part of

Just a pretty OS isn't enough (there's plenty of those around using Plasma lately) and the current E16 offer is lacking (but doesn't have to be).

One recurring point of criticism I noticed is how people perceive the sound effects as boorish.
I tend to agree, the voice is nice but all the swishes and tings, pings and pongs are distracting and make me feel like an idiot.

I'm never sure how others see it 'cause I've installed Elive so often that the first desktop almost bores me to death. :shocked:
Maybe it's time for a revamp of the default settings. :thinking:

  • OTOH installing Stable never ceases to make me smile when it starts up. :w00t:

campaign is paused waiting for a better motivational / wording message :slight_smile:

I have very good ideas about how a collaborative environment could work (very futuristic in fact), but development will require a lot of investment (time especially) and will be so different that a new project should be started instead :thinking: - but if you mean the website messages, yes the website needs a lot of love and improvements

remember that they are only enabled in live mode but not in installed mode

  • maybe can be good to disable them after 15 minutes of live mode
  • a gui tool could be good to have, to select which types of sounds you want to have enabled in the OS

that old good stable, miss this setup too (but at the same time I feel very comfortable on e16 lol)... :slight_smile:

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Yes. I'm actually going to spend a bit of time looking at it and seeing what should be improved.

You can directly ignore the ones that can look "too ugly" (like the users-opinion page, which needs to be entirely re-made)

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Don't even get me started on that page. :shocked:

Not even sure what went wrong with the layout.

just ignore it, it needs a big review of all the historical testimonials lol (and that's a lot of work in research), to pick the best things / quotes / articles / magazines to show on it

Forgot about that, sorry. :work:

Yeah, I think so too.

Same here.
Busy trying to get it modded but not always easy to find stuff ........ like where the fu** do I find the logout script that runs the choices "suspend", "lock", "reboot", etc, etc... i.e the zenity/yad GUI for "elive-pm".???? :confusing:

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I was actually meaning the layout.

This is on an 11-inch screen.

There are also bugs like

so what i should do with the actual message? :thinking: maybe worth to try "seeing" if has some positive impact or you think is will be not good to use this one? (the interesting point about what my friend said is that people may think that there's a big enteprise behind that doesn't needs donations)

E16 has its own logout, but for suspension and other things it calls elive-pm (so yeah, the logout is not managed from elive-pm)

yeah, the layout is totally broken (and since long time), the page needs to be re-made, but also I think is better to search for better testimonials and stuff, the most motivational ones in short sentences, or important articles on internet, etc... its a slow task :slight_smile:

True, I found the "eesh" command for that after searching. :grinning:

As to the message text, to remain in the gist aready there:

Elive is a small independent operation run by a single person, requiring a serious amount of resources and time to keep up and running.
Donations and patronage is what keeps it all and Elive wouldn't exist without your support.
Please help keep Elive alive in any way you can.

My idea is to put the focus on the person reading the message, not the dev.

Maybe there's more input by others here and there. :thinking:

Of course the text could be longer ..... but that's not the idea here, it has to be short.

yeah totally agree

message updated but even a bit shorter:


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I thinkl the new wording defeats the purpose of the new wording.

You are missing the important part that @triantares was talking about : "Donations and patronage is what keeps it all and Elive wouldn't exist without your support".

I didn't included because i assumed it was evident (and shorter) from what says the title ? :thinking:

Maybe use:
Donations or patronage are our sole source of income so please help in any way you can:

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