Elive builds on Bullseye: first isos

In the last days I have worked a lot in the packages for Bullseye, and also in the ISOs compatibility (tons of work needed here, and its only the first phase, the second will require even more work)

I will have soon a first ISO on which to experiment a bit, to see if there's things broken, unexpected, etc... so you are welcome to try them too! I will share them on this thread before to publish an official release so stay tunned!

Note: due to the amount of time that requires me to answer everything on the forum I will probably not answer many things (or try to make them shorter), for example there will be many "minor bugs" that I could have already seen too (or maybe not), but for sure I will read all the posts here from experiences :slight_smile:

Note2: if everything works good, perfect! no need to give a feedback, just report the things not working in order to save time :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:


OK, Give me a shout out if you need any help or testing.

I don't know if this is an error or not .... but I love it. :madness:


Just let me know when you have an ISO to check out. Will be looking for it
Thanks for all of the hard work!

Happy to test out the new iso when ready...

i wanna test it


A first ISO based on bullseye with many improvements and fixes is ready!

wget https://www.elivecd.org/elive_3.8.27+_beta_hybrid_amd64.iso


  • I have already tested it with a few installs so everything should be working correctly
  • I saw once cairo-dock consuming the 100% of the CPU but didn't happened again for now
  • E25 is included but totally uncustomized
  • New kernels, new all, new backports, everything tuned and ready for a next release based on like this one
  • Many bugfixes, features, and better implementations was made
  • Since I have a broken mac gifted by a friend I was able to do many tests, so the mac integration is much better now, with refind included @Rebel450
  • the iso is in a temporal place so it may be removed / moved / changed in the future
  • the size of the iso grew pretty much from 3.6 GB to 4.2 GB, that's because of the switch to bullseye especially and not much can be done, so I wrote a detailed description of where the space is used on a FAQ entry: Why is the size of the Elive ISOs so big?

mentions: @triantares @TheTechRobo @LupusE @yoda @okchaimike62 @zbd @alavaelian @stoppy98 @Elivish @Franc @PerfMonk @IamElive @sprinterdriver @vesteve58 @mechtron @linux23dragon @Manuel_Hermida_Rodri @she.dyed @Osmen17


Yesterday, a used 500GB SSD fall into my hands. Nice upgrade for my Elive Thinkpad R500 ... even btrfs snapshots are possible for testing.


I'll give it a test install tomorrow on my helix2.

I'd love to try upgrade my X1Carbon but there's so much extra stuff and tricks installed on there (including proprietary stuff) that I actually don't dare to and stick to 'apug'. :shocked:

Maybe it's time to to fire up clonezilla for that one. :thinking:

I tried out a quicky on my X1carbon running the live version.

I like the the 'dialog' editions of asking to 'reuse the internet settings' as well as the choice between E16 and E25, Very nice. :1up:

A downer is that: As there are no swap partitions on my machine there's no swap at all. :frowning_face:

  • we need something with a swapfile there

On a side note:
In the live version using 'x-windowmanager' it also starts up E25 (I'm on E16) using wayland. :thinking:

Will try out and report.
Unfortunately I am out of time for a good while,
preparing a relocation to our new home, which is very exhausting.
To be honest, I think that I can't be " onboard" before autumn again, but let's see ...

Kdrgs :+1:

Clean Install , went flawless with E16, I crashed twice using the E25 on installation. Once I disabled the multiple desktops in the Ibar. Installation progressed smoothly. Been running now 1 hour. Going to reinstall my usual programs

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A few days ago I was thinking on that "issue" you told me months ago and found that simple solution to not scare people about this "unique feature" :slight_smile: , of course the dialog only shows if there's something can be used otherwise it doesn't appears (useless to annoy the user with a message that doesn't needs)

yeah, stills a todo since long time for the installer & os

well, don't use x-window-manager, that's an alternative, just use the way elive boots or to select the WM specifically from the login-manager

@IamElive yeah i think e25 can crash a lot... i think we should start reporting e25 issues to phab asap to have a more stable & ready future enlightenment, and i think we may need specifically a howto for that (there's not any one @triantares, right?), I may need to create it... so like how to get a crashdump, etc...

I's a lot more than a simple solution this way.

  1. It shows what the installer is capable of
  2. It keeps the adopter/user in control which is a good feeling if you've just started an 'adventure' into Elive.

I don't quite remember the wording to the E25/E126 choice, in regards to E25 but ...... I do think that the 'experimental' stage opposed to 'light' cannot be emphasized enough. :thinking:

I hardly ever do (it messes up desktop-scaling in E16), I was just surprised that it uses 'wayland' on the live version too..... I wasn't sure whether I'd once installed 'wl' there myself, or not. :innocent:

  • No, there isn't one, at least not a very specific desktop one.

Maybe we should coordinate with the Enlightenment devs and create a small tool that would do it for you.
By that I mean: Something that collects the crashdump and reports it in the right way to 'phab.enlightenment.org' or internally it to Elive, with added comments if wanted. :thinking:
Going in there, enrolling and reporting a bug in the right place to the right dev can be fairly intimidating for a first timer.....a HowTo wouldn't really do much there but might be a good addition, anyway. :happy:

  • Personally, I want to concentrate on E16 for now. There's still plenty to be done there as E25 isn't going to be here soon enough IMO.
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Most of messages can be improved from eltrans (translating to english, which is a special feature), i just checked this message is already available for eltrans (liveboot section)

yeah this was already implemented for E17 in the reporting system of elive (automatic report of crashdumps, if user wants to share reports on install time) so making it better is just improving it :slight_smile: , but of course for that we need to -start- already using e25 and this is only for adventurous users at the moment

that's a problem, elive will not release any "stable" version until it doesn't looks like nice as 3.0 with e17 so we really need e25 ready asap (which doesn't stops us using e16, making it compatible and optional, or even releasing a stable special-version based on it)

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I think, the biggest 'problem' is that most gnome-based apps automatically take on a gnome window-dressing and really mess up the enlightenment experience. It makes the desktop look messy and slapped together. :frowning_face:

To get a more E look&feel we need to find replacements for those apps (i.e gnome-task-manager) that aren't as messy ... even Qt apps aren't that intrusive.

That alone will be quite a chore by itself.

Oh yes ..... I forgot to mention:

The background change transition is too fast, it's unnerving.
Set it very much longer.

lol i think i have recently set it to a faster speed because it felt to slow, like "why it changed?", so its more like a demo of "this desktop can look like this" and then it finalizes back to the original wallpaper which is the best picked up (so the delay should be not very slow otherwise the full experience will be missed)

it is actually set to 60 seconds switching :thinking: you think is too fast?

BTW I took a minute to rephrase the e25 pick as suggested of @triantares to make it clear is not ready (and many elive features will be not working), the new sentences can be found on this commit https://dev.elivecd.org/changeset/5580#file11

No, not really ... it's a matter of choice of what you want to show.
I'm in absolute 'thinking mode" lately.... as to how to stop the slow death throe Elive is in. :astonished:

It all comes down to setting your aspirations.

There is really so much that Elive has to show for itself ..... and we keep on trying to entertain these 1st world, never satisfied trolls. :frowning_face:
There is a vast world of (older) hardware users out there that would love to compete with those idiots (trolls), if only they had a platform that could do that on. Elive (or EFL) could just do that ... so let's work on that....It's actually you're forte IMO.

well, elive definitively needs:

  • a better website "showing how good elive is" (people don't need to download to try-and-see what's like)
  • e25 correctly imported and working without issues like e17 was
  • a much better promoting of elive, many websites needs to talk it more, is quite unknown for what it is compared to what are other distros

and resources / time to reach the goals