Elive online boot tester website

I just found this on internet, it is really cool! you can boot the system directly from the browser like a virtual machine (of course much slower and less featured, but stills cool)


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It's funny, I'm running now Topaz but I need calibrate my googles because in a 10,1" screen..... :slight_smile: Thanks!

Maybe we should send the the iso of 3.0 and later the ISOS of final 4.0 releases(where they will be officially released) to add into their list...

sure! :slight_smile: can somebody do this ?

I can!

I'll write an email to administrator's site to ask how to send them a 3.0.6 iso

I'll keep you informed

EDIT: Done, you are in CCI


Thanks :slight_smile:

BTW on these cases we should always provide the direct download link (search in your gmail about "download ready"), otherwise the 1-hour delay will be a bit annoying for our "promoting purposes"

Yes, I didn't think of that, I'm now with the phone but tomorrow I'll send him directly the link.

BTW, the signature shown is from my professional account. I'm curious to know if analytics shows you an increase in visit to website from Belgium last two months. If so that's means that the signature works...

I cannot check the statistics right now (very low internet here) but eventually, in the measure that we grow in promoting / seo / etc... specially in volunteering i mean, i could create accounts for the statistics website (piwik & google-analytics) which are also a very useful tool to study the results and improve the impact :slight_smile:

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