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I found that Garuda uses 'BeautyLine' icons which does have a speaker-like icon for the 'cairo-dock' icon:

It can be found on github:

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Splitting it in parts I think what you mean specifically here is an interface for elive-skel (actually we have one if you run "elive-skel upgrade", but i think this doesn't shows up in elive menus :thinking: )

This is a good thing to know! let me note that to implement some lacking ones like these speakers...

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Ok so, Elive Retro needs to be released in max 1 week !

This is the second and LAST BETA, the final version will be LIKE THIS, no more changes except a single one which I need to add and I will do it these days

Try it! install, enjoy, etc...

It includes a vast major of improvements under the hood, especially for stability, performance, and lightness !

Copy paste the torrent magnet in your torrent application, it includes both 64bit and 32bit :sunglasses: (you can select to download a single one too)

keep it seeding! my connection is not very fast and I don't have my computer always ON


Will do, once it's downloaded. :happybounce:

Which isn't going well on 'transmission' somehow. It conks out and doesn't resume properly nor does it seed well. :cry:

I've installed and started using 'qbittorrent' which at least is better at finding a lost connection.
It's seeding capabilities I haven't fully tested (I've only got the original seed and my own local machine) yet...but they look OK.

When I create the torrent I have difficulty to see it "starting seeding", like not found or something, and it works after 2-3 attempts of re-creating it, not sure why this happend but except for that, transmission worked always good for me :thinking:

Note: about your case would have been probably that my computer was shutdown, I just turned it ON again, you probably have received the 70% of the torrent (the entire 64bit version) because it was seed during the night from a secondary computer which didn't had the other iso that could have been your issue, maybe

Yes, you clearly shut off the computer or disconnected it. I surmised that. :smile:

What doesn't work nicely is the seeding ...... maybe because there weren't any leechers excepting my own machines which were on the same LAN.
Anyway 'qbittorrent' does the seeding fine now. I'm away from home for a few days and can now see the second seeder. :smiley14:

It does mean there's only the 2 of us torrenting ATM, which isn't a good sign. :frowning_face:

I published the release on 'fostodon' and ..... as the magnet-link was a tad long I had it shortened:

yes I don't think anybody is downloading, see that there's also not activity here

just remember its not released yet, so should be mentioned that is a beta/release-candidate :slight_smile:
I'm just seeing some of your posts, did you noticed in the one with the ulauncher that it doesn't compositor enabled? :thinking: (black background instead of transparent) - in any case i fixed recently a wrong detection of able-to-composite which pre-fills the composite checkbox when it asks it at starts, so this is better too

going to announce the torrent on the patrons too, since they are the privileged ones :slight_smile:
done: https://www.patreon.com/posts/elive-retro-is-83142979

I agree.

That shot was taken of a Virtualbox installation. I don't remember if I enabled composite or not.
As it was meant for testing I stuck to the defaults as much as possible.

Point is moot now as I'll overwrite that one with RC2.
BTW the previous RetroWave Beta still opened in Dutch without asking. :cry:

try the last build, it always asks for language on desktop start

This is before the desktop start, in the 'dialog' pop-ups....I wonder what they look like in Chinese, Hebrew, Cyrillic or Arabic. Glad I'm not in a hotel in Abu Dhabi. :thinking:

the first dialog opened when the desktop starts it asks which language you want to use, and I think this question is always shown in english by default in order to avoid strange langauges appearing

This is the first 'dialog':

Busy installing ATM.
Already other 2 gripes:

  1. The pop-ups do NOT have an option to choose 'us-alt_grintl' only standard 'us' is set.
  2. If there's no swap partition the installer should offer to create a swap-file later on or ..... at least mention that such a thing is possible.

And another:

  • Google-chrome shouldn't be set as 'default' on a FOSS desktop/distro considering it's non-FOSS and has a bad privacy reputation ...... would be the same as setting 'Edge' as default IMO.

yes, this dialog happens before the desktop is started so its shown on the country's default language, just like the installation of nvidia drivers (which should happen before the desktop starts). This detected language is a better option for the majority of people than english (for example in latino country's, many people don't speak english, but all of them speak spanish)

if you want to change that, you have a Tip before to boot elive:


which option I just betatested and improving right now

it is, just tested, the variant is only asked if you SELECT a keyboard language, otherwise it uses the previously configured one without asking for the special variant because this is just like pressing "cancel" (you don't want to do anything, and so not configuring the variant of the keyboard because you don't want to configure the keyboard) - on the other hand plain english is always set to altgr by default now

there's two ways of using the installer:

  • everything partitioned manually on your own, this is made only by users who knows what is a /home partition, a root partition, etc, all of them knows what is a swap partition and what it is for, otherwise if the user don't know there's the option:
  • automated mode: it creates everything for you included the swap partition
    • optionally if the user don't wants automated which wipes everything, he can select the howto-partition-your-disk which is included the details for the swap

when you install elive, which browser you want to use is always asked and as option for the user, the live mode is a demo and ships with some defaults but if the user wants to install he selects exactly what he wants

@triantares I received a report from your install:

insserv: warning: current start runlevel(s) (empty) of script `ssh' overrides LSB defaults (2 3 4 5).

can you show me the result of this command in your installed system?

sudo systemctl status ssh.service

We've been through this before.
Nobody sees that ..... even I forget 9/10 of the time.

No it isn't ..... I needed to change from Dutch to English and have no other choice than plain en_us.
The kbd is also NOT set to 'altgr_intl'

No there's a 3rd way i.e "everything already formatted" (or any other previous OS).

You are NOT reading/listening .... I'm saying it shouldn't be 'default' i.e checked.
It just shows off disregard of privacy concerns.....not good. :cry:

I've seen that error before, it's no biggy.

Gripe (small one):

  • Cairo-dock has wrong icon for 'elive-center'

Well, I have said also many times also that is not possible to use another option, in the past elive included the selection in the boot (in fact is the first distro who implemented it this way and then other distros did it too) but we don't use this boot system anymore (gfxboot) so it cannot be added on boot time, it is added on desktop start, so the only way to set it is using the boot parameter country=something before the system boots, which BTW I just improved its visibility, should be enough now:


let me try to understand that... what you mean by "no other choices than plain en_us" ? in the language selection english is english, but if you want a specific english (like australian english) this option automatically appears as selection if you boot elive from australia, if it doesn't (because you don't have internet on which is automatically detected) this is for the option "country=au", if you don't see this option because users don't read then you can simply reconfigure your languages at any moment from the configuration, which is what all the users will do when something is not on their choice

that, about the language, but you are mentioning altgr which is not related to the language but to the keyboard step, I just tested it and:

  • My system boots in Spanish from Colombia, which is where I'm now (asking me if i want to change the language, in english)
  • I select English which includes already some options like from australia or UK
  • Then it asks me for the keyboard, preselected is US and if I select the "us" keyboard it will asks me if i want altgr, but just to try to follow your issue I press cancel which will keep this default to "us" and so the default intl-altgr variant
  • verifying this, my /etc/default/keyboard is correctly set to intl-altgr

So I need specific details of you altgr issue, it works good here

stills, the choice of the user to add a swap, he should do it following a howto or anything, if he previously didn't included a swap the system is kept this way (remember, is an upgrade mode, not a full installation), it is also not possible to add swap partitions in an already partitioned disk unless you resize on your own risk your existing partitions so this should be made on the user's choice and risk, is not a thing for this type of install and this install is mostly automated in order to simply upgrade your previous system, also upgrading previous elive already asks you this at start "do you want to upgrade your previous elive system?" and it directly starts with the process

The reason why it was included now chrome and not chromium is because chromium had many issues in both virtual box and real hardware in the last months, before that the default was chromium but it was needed to switch to chrome because of that, changing it back to chrome now is not possible since it has not been enough tested for this release and there will be for sure many bugs and surprises, we don't have the time to change it now in the case that chromium is correctly working, this is possible for next versions instead, but again: the live mode is like a demo and don't touch your hard disks, is the user's entire possibility and choice to use chromium instead of chrome or firefox

seems like ssh is correctly working in your installed system by default, in any case i just added in the installer an "unmask mode" before the process which triggered the warning i received

I seen that you added an extra icon on beautyline for it but it doesn't shows as is, in any case not very important, I think it integrates better with beautyline icons the actually used one and can be confusing seeing a double logo of elive, also the icon of elive dont' looks too much integrated with the icon theme but you improved it for this theme which looks better than the original logo :slight_smile:

I don not get the altgr offered in the first boot-up, using it (via elive-center :smiley_cat: ) at a later stage I get:

and indeed hitting 'cancel' or 'OK' now gives altgr variant.

If I choose i.e German (de) I do get variants (actually every single existing one:

Which is not good....especially because it sets the system language to German (not only the kbd)

That's why I made 'elive-quick-keymap-changer' ..... it should be added to 'elive-center'.
This is language changing is bad. :face_with_head_bandage:

And another gripe:
The 'elive-center' should also offer up a monitor/screen size app i.e 'elive-multiscreens', which is actually a misnomer IMO. As is calling 'elive-scale-desktop' 'Desktop size' with a sad tooltip which does not do it justice.

Do you want a critical review or not. :frowning_face:

If you are going to keep telling me it's fine ..... where, obviously it's not, then I'll just stop bug hunting and assessing UX and let you do what you like.

It's simply good UX to tell a user that such a thing is possible at a later stage (and thus there's need of a GUI that creates a swapfile)

So set it to Firefox ..... what's your problem there?

Yeah, that has to be set in 'cairo-dock' itself. It's now set to 'synaptic' icon.

what is not good? :thinking: we needed the variant configuration and now we don't want it? :thinking::thinking:, the user is free to select any variant or just no one

remember, first you configure the language and then you configure the keyboard, they are two totally different things just like "we don't speak altgr dialect", and so you can configure it to have chinese language with german keyboard, so again, there's three steps:

  • configure the language (and only the language)
  • configure the keyboard
    • if you configure the keyboard, it asks you if you want to set it to a special variant

didn't had the time to try it, i know you mentioned it doesn't require admin privileges but remember that the configurator tool in elive is not about changing (only) the keyboard for the user but for the system itself, the user can select any keyboard at any time even without admin privileges like using a desktop gadget but these tools are meant to configure the system and not the user desktop

done :slight_smile: