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Not getting anywhere with that.
'transmission-cli' says it's seeding through Upnp with 0 connected peers but I cannot get connected to it with other machines. Not with the .torrent nor with a magnet:

I think it's my router but I can't access that from where I am now.

Giving up .... I'm tired.

tks for the Icons settings !

As for the Audio, I did went there ('volume control') before posting my question ( should have mentioned it) and my HDMI doesn't show up (as with some other distros)


I can't test if they work but my thinkpad X1 Carbon (running the 6.1 kernel) has 3 HDMI outputs and they all show as 'not connected'.
So apparently yours isn't seen. :cry:
Maybe try 'alsamixer' ?

Having written that, I checked my Thinkpad Helix which should have at least one port .... doesn't show. :shocked:
But admittedly that's a bit of a weird setup. The screen of that tablet broke a long time ago so I attached myHuion graphics tablet to it as screen and use it only for drawing stuff....i.e no sound.
I don't need to emulate chalk screeches on a blackboard. :madness:

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@yoda yes, for the sound output you need to select this in the volumes mixer, in the configuration tab you can select the hdmi stereo output, i know is not the most intuitive place but it works, maybe next versions of the tool looks more intuitive :slight_smile:

oh, triantares already answered that...

@triantares no worries, I will take care of the torrent, I have a tool that creates them very nicely, the only issue is that sometimes these torrents are created that seems to not seed at all and I dont know why this happens but we will use a working one

check the last "configuration" tab

If I create a .torrent on my local machine with "transmission-create' and start it with 'transmission-gtk' it works fine. Meaning it verifies and starts seeding and shows up on the trackers.
The same on the remote machine with 'transmission-cli' only the seeds don't show up on the trackers. No idea why and I can't check whether it would work with the gui ..... I'm not there physically. :slightly_frowning_face:

Maybe it's a transmission bug, like this 'stalling' issue after a while....qbittorrent doesn't do that, it just keeps seeding as it should.
Or could it be udp ?

And before anyone begins:
'qbittorrent-nox' only sets up a web interface on a given port (default 8080) but I can't use that as it's closed on my router .... nor can I access my router remotely to change that, nor do I want to for security reasons.

Yes that seems the same issue I have here and I don't know the reason, my tool uses these tools/commands too

The thing is that it simply works half of the times (or 1 each 5 times), but no time to look at this, maybe a transmission bug... anyways, I just created one, see if you can "get" it from me, if works, rename your download dir as "elive_3.8.32_retrowave__32+64bit" so that you can just "verify local data" and have them already downloaded and seeding too



@triantares if you are curious about the tool, is this one elive-tools/torrent-create at master · Elive/elive-tools · GitHub , I didn't wanted to add it yet on elive-tools because is not really working / stable, i even didn't like much the code itself, but it can be a handy cli tool :thinking:

right now it worked twice in a row

Lucky you. :madness:

This is strange:
Your magnet: has all the trackers in the link (making it extremely long) .... mine doesn't. So that might be an issue on my side. :thinking:
I'm also not in the clear if 'transmission-cli' uses the same settings as 'transmission-gtk' (it should IMO) i.e do I have to set them again and again through the command line?
If I 'Ctrl-C' then 'transmission-cli' creates a .json file for resume .... transmission-gtk does not, so that's not very re-assuring.

You can try using this tool the next time and we will see how good it works :thinking:

BTW torrent added on the downloads, but the link is not very visible, I can change the fonts & colors btw (but don't wanted to add an extra button which can be confusing)

Don't want to create to much flack.
If I use your magnet: I get:
zsh: parse error near `&'
I have to quote it ..... this is tiresome in zsh. :frowning:

I clearly have a firewall problem, I can only see you on my local machine.

Seeding, uploading to 0 of 0 peer(s)[2023-06-06 02:04:33.003] elive_3.8.32_retrowave__32+64bit: IPv4 DHT announce failed (firewalled, 128 nodes): Operation now in progress

So for now I simply cannot seed. :frowning:

LOL LOL LOL :rofl:

Shame on me

By default, the Configuration TAB did not show because of the Default WIndow size LOL

YEs my HDMI Output showed there and YES it's working :wink:

I have added a RATING feature on the website so that users can rate different Elive versions and to see how much they liked them, let's see how good it works... @triantares @TheTechRobo @yoda - Retrowave / Synthwave Modern OS

Note: the previous conversation should be moved to a specific "audio issues" since this is the thread about the release itself? :thinking:

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Some Youtube reviews found:

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