Enabling nm-applet in E25

Succeed transffering to bullseye. using E24 ( Prefer it to E16)
Network manager connected in the background and works correctly, but I lost "wicd" gui (error msg is there is no available package in bullseye repo). So now I cannot switch between networks . Seems wicd was dependent on some python2 libraries.
nm-applet opens only once on each login session and cannot be restarted again. Its a pain in the neck. I can connect with nmtui but , would love wicd if possible

You need to replace 'nm-applet' with 'conman' for E25 if you want to have a control widget in the taskbar.

Just to remark that it is now possible to have 'network-manager' in use on E25, with a little workaround.

There's a way to get 'network-manager' to show up in the E25 systray, which will show in the ibar thus:

by way of using the following command (in a terminal):
'nm-applet --indicator &'

Where 'network-manager' will have all its normal functionality.


This no longer working . It gives this message and exits,

nothing happens or appears in E25 systray

It still works but;

  1. you need to have 'systray', either in the bar or on a separate shelf.
  2. You might need to restart E25 for it to show or else:
  • restart the applet by first killing it 'killall nm-applet' and running the above command again.

Personally I run it (with others) in a separate shelf.

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The trick I use to have it show up on every login (i.e NOT requiring me to manually start it every time) is to:

  1. Go to the menu item 'śettings, apps' and add 'network' to your start-up applications.


  2. Edit '/etc/xdg/autostart/nm-applet.desktop' and add "--indicator" to the 'exec=' line there.

    You will need to be root to edit that file BTW.