Features, features, features (showcase)

Since I have different "eyes" (experience) than the "users eyes", please help me to know what is the best features that you consider Elive has :slight_smile:

All those WOW's, unique things, handy & useful, etc... the things that makes Elive different and unique, privileged and a best option among other distros

Just list in this thread your points, i will collect them to organize a structure of good things to write on the website future Features section :slight_smile:

Mentions: @triantares @Rebel450 @yoda @maxinou... and others

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  • Elive-skel
  • Elive-health ........All Elive tools in general need more attention/care/docs.
  • the "bkp" command.
  • The optimisations for a "chroot" environment as explained in the post about running a light virtual environment. Run applications from any other operating system (in your Elive) This is one I like a lot. :nod:
  • The thunar optimizations.
  • The lightness/speed due to optimizations
  • The attention to beauty of course but then we will have to give e16 an extra coat of paint,


For me: First,

  • Lightness, speed, optimizations (specially when the memory amount felling not being a problem, but the cpu);
  • Fluidity of the "workbench" :sweat_smile: in E16, 17 or 22 & the multi screen stuff...

I resume those as efficiency!


  • Nice looking (in E16, 17 really, 22 to be? )
  • Migrate mode as installation (again, for me a better term should be morphing(?))

After, even with lack of knowledge & use for now,

  • Terminology
  • System in system (special, limited Linux or so)


Yeah, including the rolling release upgrade and especially the "repair" option should be emphasized. :nod:

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