Forum guidelines and how to write your posts


There's a few suggested guidelines that we should follow as much as possible, in order to have a better structure forum for all and our own usability:

  • Avoid chatting as much as possible, because this leads to very long threads that are difficult to follow and including useless information required to read by the other ones. For chatting we can use:
    • note: this has been an efficient workflow for the alpha betatestings, but these are very specific threads, and we can also still use the chat for deeper topics (details) about our reports / experiences
  • Include all the required information in your posts:
    • Reporting an issue: you must explain "what" is affected, "how" is affected, and the steps to reproduce it, otherwise it will lead to a chat thread with tons of questions
    • Be specific, examples:
      • The installing fails: this means nothing: installing what? a package? the installer? a driver?
      • The dialogs must be improved: which dialog? what is the non-understandable/clear part? what it must say instead?
      • X is slow: how much slow (seconds? hours?)? what is the cause? from which desktop? it was fast in the stable release? is disk using swap? are you out of ram?
  • Titles: Use an easy understandable and descriptible title
  • Categories: Assign your thread to their correct category, this will avoid us to change (correct) it later
  • Direct messages: Avoid using direct messages unless is a very specific / direct thing, is better to use forum threads so we can all give feedbacks about topics
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