Frozen system... Any suggestions to similar to Ctrl-alt-del to escape the quicksand on 3.8.1?

Recently i have run into a series of desktop freezing on Elive 3.8.1 Characteristics i have observed include

  1. Occurs in both E16 and E23
    2.Always when i am using firefox 71 , initially system becomes sluggish
    3.Involves multiple tabs atleast 10 and above with coupled with a flash interactive tab e.g filling a form or adflash that allows me to disable after a few secs
    4.In conky i noticed that the whole ram 6 gb and swap file 2 gb are completely filled up
  2. Am unable to get the system back to work unless i do a hard shut down
  3. Ctrl-alt-del doesnot work though in E23 it brings up the shutdown opportions however am unable to follow up because no other button works

Any suggestions that could help me get back the system without hard shut down?

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I usually just kill my user. If you logged in with lightdm killing lightdm should be enouhg, otherwise kill all your user's processes

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Im surprised nothing's corrupt on your end

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That's because @stoppy98 uses reiserfs (3) fielsystem :slight_smile:

No joke, ext* filesystem can corrupt and lose data in forced shutdowns, reiserfs never

I just wrote this small howto: How to force-shutdown your computer to avoid data-loss in linux

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Unfortunately, I now have a similar problem!

The striped bars are back...even on latest kernel 5.*. (Or was it 4.19?)

Even on 3.8.8 64bit :frowning:

Can you include a screenshot? (from the phone you probably need to do that, you can install Discourse in your phone to use the forums from it :slight_smile: ) - just to make sure is the same bars that other people had

Could be nice to know how to solve the bars, is a kernel-version issue? is a xorg packages issues? maybe the GFX firmwares (included in /lib/firmware)? maybe because of the Compositor enabled? (try with another window-manager), maybe it just needs a boot parameter? hum.. good question :thinking:

It is this: (it happens less often with 4.19 but still happens)

EDIT: I am on a Dell Latitude D531. Not sure what graphics but judging by the performance i assume integrated. CPU: AMD Turion 64 x2 mobile technology.


the Graphics is ATI Radeon X1270

I had that kind of problems with my older Dell laptop that has a Radeon graphics when the driver was not correct.

It was not the same Graphics, but maybe that the Radeon graphics is problematic???

Maybe... It's really weird though right?
Has anyone else seen this behaviour?

Well not on Elive but in the old days when we had to configure our graphics ourselves I did see similar screens. Quite often the CRT monitors would literally even scream a high pitched tone too.
I'm actually surprised they never exploded. :shocked:


But it isn't a CRT :thinking:

Good, the flatscreens don't make loud noises. :madness:

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really? i just let your installer do the dirty job :joy: my philosophy is: avoid to waste time on details if something can be done quickly and well. THat's why i will never use arch linux in one of my systems.


I have been using E23 for about a week now. Doesn't seem to happen anymore, but E23 has a really slow bootup. So it's probably E16, but I'll keep you posted.

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amazing screenshot :slight_smile: very trippy

well its good to categorize sorts of "bars", I had other (different ones, a square with pink bars and in graphical mode only) on one of the computers

could be good to know hte cause of the issue, for example, did happens in other distros? you already said is not very dependent of the kernel, maybe a massive upgrade of the OS solves the issue? (this means switching to bullseye for exmaple, but for sure you will break entirely your system, it is mean to be done only in live mode or in a purely testings machine)

"sudo inxi -G" tells you it :slight_smile:

it can be, ATI cards gave a lot of headaches in the past

hum... e23 (e24 in fact) should be not slow :thinking: , it should be the same as e16 in fact

Ya. I've since swiched to another computer. I think its because e2* is more complicated than e16 and that computer's hard drive?...

Let's not talk about that. :madness: