Frozen system... Any suggestions to similar to Ctrl-alt-del to escape the quicksand on 3.8.1?

Recently i have run into a series of desktop freezing on Elive 3.8.1 Characteristics i have observed include

  1. Occurs in both E16 and E23
    2.Always when i am using firefox 71 , initially system becomes sluggish
    3.Involves multiple tabs atleast 10 and above with coupled with a flash interactive tab e.g filling a form or adflash that allows me to disable after a few secs
    4.In conky i noticed that the whole ram 6 gb and swap file 2 gb are completely filled up
  2. Am unable to get the system back to work unless i do a hard shut down
  3. Ctrl-alt-del doesnot work though in E23 it brings up the shutdown opportions however am unable to follow up because no other button works

Any suggestions that could help me get back the system without hard shut down?

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Interesting what the numbering of points lookes like in my editing window vs the numbering when i posted

You're best option for a reboot would be to hit Ctrl At F1 and then Ctrl At Del to force a reboot that doesn't mess your partitions.
Optionally you can login there in F1 as the user you want to and start an alternative desktop session running:
startx -- :1 which will log out the session on F7.

On the other hand you have the option to hit Ctrl At F12 to see what syslog is recording at that momemt .... Ctrl At F7 will bring you back to the desktop/GUI again.

The devil there is in the Space behind the numbering ..... no space means it will be part of the previous bullet.

Take a look here for a cheat sheet on markdown:


If you want an easy markdown editor with preview pane I'd recommend installing "ghostwriter" and play around with that .... it's fun. :w00t:

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Thanks Triantares, going to attempt those solutions next time i get a frozen system,
Also the explanation on the gremlins in my editor was spot on , I dont think its necessary for me to get an editor for dummies :crazy_face: for now , though your comment on "its fun" is certainly intriguing , I cannot, for the life of me, fathom what could be fun about an editor :innocent:

Not the editor but markdown is fun. :shocked:
Although there is a certain element of fun in seeing small alterations having an immediate big effect in the preview. :wink:
It's nifty, fast and also a handy way to keep notes, prepare an email, prepare an e-book, HTML or even a (more intricate) forum post you want to write and check before posting it ... or even a thesis.

Lots better than the usual office products even for easily keeping successful recipes, as you can see ....albeit in Dutch there. :madness:

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Interesting... :thinking:


I usually just kill my user. If you logged in with lightdm killing lightdm should be enouhg, otherwise kill all your user's processes

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Im surprised nothing's corrupt on your end

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