How to not miss important new topics on the forum

Recently I was thinking that there’s new threads created on the forum that I have never been notified of (of course, I don’t receive notifications for all the new threads created), so how you can be notified about your important / desired topics?

For that:

  • open a new Tab every topic that you found interesting
  • Click in the little circle :white_circle: button near to the “Open Draft” one, before the list of threads
  • Select the type of Watching / Tracking mode that you desire

That’s all, now you can receive notifications for every threads created on the ones that you are interested in!


Everything looks straight forward & I don't see anything that isn't standard expected behavior & ethics regarding forum users & contributors.

I must say the home page does quite a sell job. I'm about to download my 1st .iso & give it a test drive. It's been a while since I've had this LEVEL OF ANTICIPATION. Thanks for that. If this distro is even half the claims made, you likely will have one of Elive's most ardent promoters. With a 40+ year reputation (don't mean to brag) I have a good following. Certainly not a big fish but a very well respected "Guppy" that has swam with the "Sharks" (MMI - AKA - Microsoft Malware Inc.), Intel - AKA - (InFell into bed with MMI) & many others) defending & attempting to protect my clientele from becoming victims of daily "Digital Extortion". Oh, the stories I can share ...

Sorry, I shouldn't rant. I'll do better... :wink:


Welcome to the Light Side ...0bWAN.. May the Force be with You .... :meditate: :meditate: